Friday, August 25, 2006

Hope for the suicidal

One thing that the Holy Spirit has promised over and over is that He will get the pictures of Jesus into the hands of the suicidal. Today we got a phone call from a brother who is suffering terribly from the ever-present, lying, manipulative, enemy who has caused him to feel such despair and unhappiness, coupled with images of self destruction, that he is deeply tempted to kill himself. The caller said that he has been carrying around the picture of Jesus that we sent to him for two days and today he phoned us to tell us about his suicidal feelings. Words cannot express how glad we are that he called.
What a war on humanity is being carried out all around us. How vulnerable we are to that which is in the spiritual realm and therefore invisible to our natural eyes. How the enemy preys on mankind, causing us to feel worthless and hopeless, and then how he presses the idea of death, as a solution to the depth of feelings which he himself has engineered.
At first, as we spoke on the phone with this brother, we could see the walls up in the atmosphere around him, and who could blame him. So often one effect of the enemy's pressure is to isolate us, so we feel alone. His purpose is to keep us from receiving any hope or help from others. But, as we spoke with the wisdom that the Holy Spirit promises to give to us as we do His will, the walls begin to go down, and then we saw in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit draw near until He stood right by this wounded and unhappy person. We know that the Holy Spirit will help him. As gently as we could we pointed to the truth of Jesus' love and the falseness of the picture painted by the enemy, though it feels so real.
Pray for your neighbors, pray for the world. Give out pictures of Jesus wherever and whenever you can. As we spoke with the brother on the phone, we all prayed for him and everyone praying saw the demons involved. However, as the Holy Spirit showed, even though the demons can be pushed back, (and they were, and they will not be able to return, because the Father will stand vigil against them) still the person will suffer, and still be in deep pain, because they believe what the demons have been presenting about themselves. And this is what it is all about: war over us. Our feelings, our view of ourselves, can be devastating.
"No bystanders in My army" said the Father. "This is your world. I gave it to you", He said. Let us - all of us who love Jesus - join Him in reaching out to the world that He loves. No judgment, just love and whatever help we can give.
No bystanders in My army," says the Father.
"This is your world. I gave it to you.
You must stand with Me to help Me in this war.
I speak to My body
I travel through paths of warfare
I engage and push back the enemy
Who seeks your destruction
While evil shouts its presence
And moves in the earth
With death its intent
I call to you
Be silent no more
Be inactive no more
His sacrifice deserves more."

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
August 16, 2004