Monday, August 14, 2006

Two hurricane forces

The other day I saw the Father and Satan, face to face, and they were pushing against each other. It was as though there was an invisible force field that each generated. Inside the force field was wind. It looked as though two hurricanes were striving to push each other backwards as the wind within them roared and swirled.

There is a great struggle over the earth and the war in Israel and Lebanon and the threatened attacks in England are all a part of a fight for mankind and civilization. As I watched the events unfolding, I saw something from the Holy Spirit. There is war in Israel and the war is really against terrorism just as is the war that America is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere . The threats of the downing of several planes was a terrorist threat.

I saw that the beginning of the conflict in Lebanon is because of the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Palestinians members of Hamas tunneled under the wall surrounding Israel and kidnapped a soldier and then Hezballah from inside Lebanon kidnapped two others. Israel reacted, by waging war to try and rescue the soldiers and protect the lives of all their Israeli citizens. As Israel targets Hezballah, Hezballah responds by hiding among Lebanese civilians, yet continuing to attack. Men, women, and children become human shields for the attackers. In Iraq, mosques are blown up, by Muslims, as the terrorist element within uses terrorist tactics to try to get the populace to turn from the path of democracy.

Israel fights for three kidnapped soldiers. On their northern border (with Lebanon) many flee but some are not able to afford to do so. Israel offers to pay to have any citizen evacuated to relative safety in the south, regardless of whether they are Jewish or Arab. Care is taken for the individual, and this is what I saw by the Holy Spirit: it is almost as though the war is being waged by many nations over the fate of each of us as individuals. America cares about the individual. Democracy is offered so that each individual might have the right to freedom and protection from dictatorship. Israel cares about the individual, while that which is arrayed against us does not care about the individual. Suicide attackers kill themselves while their people rejoice, with no care for that person who is now dead. Children are placed in the path of harm so soldiers can use their bodies without care of the death that will come to them when deadly retaliation comes. The nations within the U.N. see Israel destroyed by terrorist attacks but many do not care. Arab nations refuse to stand by the obvious acknowledgement that the innocent were attacked. A cruel dictator (Saddam Hussein) is taken from power, thereby freeing millions of individuals from threat of murder, rape rooms, and aggression towards their families, but people do not care. America faces the ready to explode confrontation with communism, a system by which the individual does not matter but only the whole. Within radical Islam, the individual does not matter, but rather the death of an individual is encouraged for the sake of terror against others.

So, as the Father and Satan face one another, one has human forces allied behind Him who believe in individual rights, and one has forces allied behind him who do not value the individual. We all like sheep have gone astray. It was for each of us, it was for all of us, that Jesus made the sacrifice that was required to bring the atonement for sin. It is finished and all are free, though they don't know it. Now, comes a fierce battle for the whole earth, for each person, for all. And that is what the pushing with hurricane force was about, between the Father and Satan.

America beware. You are about to be betrayed. And when you are, Israel will lose her strongest and necessary ally, and fear and threat of annihilation will flood her people and her cities. Without supernatural intervention, all would be lost. But each of us matters, and all of us matter. And so the Father, the One who breathed and we became living souls, the Defender of the individual, and the Defender of America and Israel, will stand up and fight for us, and all of mankind will be delivered once again. Many will die in the struggle. Many hearts will fail from fear, but the end is sure. America will be delivered. Israel will be delivered, and the tide will turn and terrorism will become a thing of the past upon this earth. So take heart in the days to come. As Abraham called out to the Father and heard His voice in reply, do the same. Make a habit of going outside, alone, every day to talk to the Father and He will meet with you. Set aside the Sabbath for Him alone, and seek His peace and presence.