Sunday, August 20, 2006

Resolution 1701: the beginning

The Father said that Resolution 1701 is the beginning, just as the numbers indicate. (From understanding numbers from the Holy Spirit.) This is the resolution that the Father will enforce. Hezballah must disarm. Of course we know that there will be a huge fight until it is carried out, but it will be carried out, because the Father is going to see to it that it is. I saw the Father yesterday and I saw Hezballah and their violence. I saw the Father reach out with one hand and put His hand around the neck of a stongman of hezballah. "Stop", He said with anger. If they do not stop, the Father will destroy them.
Tares and wheat are being separated, and tares are being gathered together to be burned. And most of the gathering will be around His people Israel, as the enemy and the tares seek to destroy them. That which is foretold is happening before our eyes.
This is an extremely dangerous time. The enemy is out to kill and destroy. He is furious and he is after you and me and our friends and families and Israel and all mankind. Our sister, Mary B, wrote to us this week and commented about coming home from going out to dinner with her husband. She saw a rainbow in the sky and felt Jesus' peace and calm. And this is right and from the Holy Spirit. He wants us to be reminded that He is faithful and that great good is coming, among which is the restoration of Israel and Jesus back on earth. (Could there be better news?!) That is all true. But the firestorm that we are going through to get there is severe.
We are having another 105,000 pictures of Jesus printed, as we mentioned before. Since we ordered them, our printer, Mark, has has multiple problems with his machines. Someone came to help him and while they were working on the machine a piece of metal flew out and embedded itself in the helper's arm. He went to see about having it removed, but the doctors said that it would cause more danger to try and remove it because it is inside the arm just where your arm bends and there are many nerve connections there that might be harmed. So, the man is going to have metal in his arm from now on. We are praying for Mark, whom we love, and he said that since then problems keep arising but somehow he keeps seeing how to solve them. I saw angels with him when I heard of this. Thank you, Jesus. We pray for the man who showed courage, and who even helped Mark finish the repair they were doing together.
We bought the flag of Israel to fly with our American flag and to use as a prayer shawl as we stand with Israel. We got an email from the people we bought the flag from ( and they have had many things go wrong with their business since then, and we know by the Holy Spirit that it is because Satan struck them. The post office lost 23 packages in two days, their system went down, and other problems as well. Felicia is waiting to get her computer fixed so she can join us more effectively with OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES. She should be able to get the computer fixed quickly for free, however the people who work at the company that fixes it keep having problems so she still is not back online. One person was scheduled to come and now he is in the hospital. Another was coming but had a serious family emergency. I would take this very seriously if I were you. The Holy Spirit is warning. We have often been under attack at OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES because of our service to Jesus, but now the stakes are raised and people's lives are in danger.
Dog Chapman (the Bounty Hunter) decided to marry his common law wife, "in the Christian way" he said, and to televise it because he wanted to be right before the Father. On his wedding day, his daughter was killed in a car accident. Dog was doing the right thing before the Father and before the world and this made Satan angry and he acted when he saw the opportunity. What a horrible enemy the world has in this fallen beast.