Monday, July 24, 2006

Another letter and a sign from the Father

Recently, in mid-July, Silvana saw a raven with its beak held shut. We posted about this on the blog earlier: Silvana saw a raven and his beak was tied shut. He can peck at the seed but he cannot take it. A few nights ago, Therese got a phone call from Yvonne, who is stringing pictures of Jesus for us. Yvonne said that she got home with the pictures and she was getting ready to string them and suddenly she noticed a demon in her house. The demon spoke to her and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have anything to do with those pictures. The people just want your money". Well, it is pretty hard to believe a demon when the Holy Spirit makes him visible to you. Yvonne told the demon to leave in Jesus' name and he did and did not come back. Then, she went on to string the pictures of Jesus with joy. (In fact, she and her family have already strung the first package of 350 that we gave to her. Now she is requesting 1000 more pictures to string.) But look! What Silvana saw in the Spirit is true! The enemy, the raven, haD his beak tied shut. He was not able to steal the good seed that was with Yvonne as she went about preparing the pictures of Jesus for others. THANK YOU, FATHER! THANK YOU, JESUS!

We received an earnest letter from a believer: What shall we do to get to that point where we can talk to the Father? I've been trying for a long time but to no avail. Can you help. What are the steps to the Father?

Here is Char Tierney's reply: He hears you, Brother. He hears you and He will talk to you. Just trust Him and don't try to think of what He will say. Just relax and wait on Him by talking to Him about everything around you and as you continue to trust Him and look to Him, you will start to hear His voice with your spirit.

At first you may wonder if you imagined hearing Him, because He is invisible and because you cannot see your spirit. Don't worry. He is able to make Himself understood. Just keep on talking to Him with love, and trusting Him and as time passes you will be able to distinguish when He is speaking to you. Sometimes you will wake up and see clearly things you have asked Him about. This comes from the Holy Spirit. Other times, you will hear Jesus' voice, especially when you look at one of the anointed pictures of Him. (Seeing Him in the picture also comes from the Holy Spirit.) You will feel His presence more strongly some times than others, but He will always be there, listening to you and replying on an ongoing basis, and through this, you will get to know Him better and better, and be His friend, as Abraham was and is his friend.

The Father told me that if people want to know Him, they will get to know Him, for He will make it possible. The thing for us to do is to keep seeking Him, talking to Him always, and leave the rest to Him, with all our trust.

Don't be discouraged, dear friend. He sees how you have called out to Him in the past. Continue to trust Him, and press in even more, by talking to Him more and more. I hope that you have a day set aside to be with Him once a week, in the green outdoors if possible, where you can be quietly in His presence, and be refreshed from the many problems that arose during the week. This weekly meeting with Him, backs up our daily seeking of Him and refreshes our spirit. When you wake up in the morning, first thing seek Him out by saying hello and waiting quietly in His presence. Sometimes I go to Him in the morning. I quietly sit before Him and look to Him for anything He wants to say of the day. Often He doesn't answer right then (sometimes He does) but as the day passes, the Holy Spirit draws near and shows me whatever response the Father wants to give to me coming to His presence. He will show me events on the battlefield on earth, or truths about myself, or others, or the spiritual realm, such as activities or plans of Satan. There is no limit to the topics that the Father will talk about with you, as we look to Him to guide us in everything.

Let me know how it is going, dear Brother. He really will talk to you. Abraham was just a person, a man like you. The Father talked to him. This is the type of relationship that the Father wants with you. Don't worry about the many doctrines and ideas of what Jesus will or won't say (as though He talks always of the church) but just let Him be Himself, our Friend and Savior, God Almighty.

God bless you.

In Jesus' love,
Char Tierney