Friday, July 28, 2006


SILVANA: The Father will bring Israel to Jesus Himself. David will come to lead people back to praise. He still sings, but now He always sings of Jesus, the Messiah. A song echoes; it reverberates. The song that he sings will reverberate through the spiritual realm and they will feel it. The star of David is in their flag. They know that David always trusted and loved the Father.

CHAR: I saw the Father standing and fighting. He was surrounded by Jews. They were holding on to his legs like children. He was fighting for them, and He was singing. I saw Him put His hands gently on them, and then go back to fighting.

CHAR: Early this morning I was praying for Israel, especially for the people in the cities in the north of Israel. As I was praying for them, I saw them by the Holy Spirit. I realized that they face two things that the enemy is pushing on them to their minds and feelings, even as their lives are being attacked by the rockets. One thing is fear. They are afraid that Hezballah is going to get its hands on chemical weapons, and that the next rocket that hits might have torturous death for them and their families. They try to be brave (and they are incredibly courageous) but they can't help but be afraid, and Satan pushes fear at them with every passing moment. I remember the Holy Spirit saying to me one time that when Satan attacks in war, that you would not only suffer the attack in the natural realm (the bombs) but that you will feel it in the spirit. And now we see that being played out before our eyes in Israel. Two people died of a heart attack in Israel today, during bomb attacks. This also was foretold, "People's hearts will fail them for fear". PRAY FOR ISRAEL, our brothers and sisters, whom we love.

The second weapon that Satan pulls out of his arsenal is guilt. When you feel guilty, you are weakened. We know these tactics. You and I, and all who love Jesus, know what it is to feel afraid. We know what it is to feel guilty, because we have been targeted by Satan ourselves, but not while we were in danger of our lives. Here is how he has used the guilt: the Jews have an agreement among themselves. Whenever they have been attacked by suicide bombers, as they so frequently have been in the past, they have tried to go on with their lives, because they have not wanted their enemies to have a victory by bringing death and disrupting their lives. They have tried to continue the same policy in the war. But it is impossible to go on with your life when your life is threatened and your house is blown up around you, or your business is destroyed, or you and your family must live in a bomb shelter. So, they feel guilty, as though they are letting the government and the rest of Israel down. Oh, they are not!

The U.N., said the Father, has failed Israel. The UN passed a resolution (I believe it was #1559) that Hezballah would disarm, but Hezballah instead built up its arms, and threatened and attacked Israel, while the UN stood by and did nothing. The Father showed me that the whole world may fail Israel, but He will not. He is their defender and He is fighting for them. Their Defender will bring the ultimate victory.

The Father told us to raise the flag of Israel on their Sabbath. They are at war. They cannot rest, so He told us to keep the Sabbath for them, and to raise the flag on that day.