Sunday, July 23, 2006


Today the prophet Silvana heard the Father say the following, "I WILL MAKE OF ISRAEL A TENT OF FRIENDSHIP FROM BORDER TO BORDER".

No wonder that any nation that does not come up to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles after Jesus returns will get no rain. The Father is reaching out to the whole world. Jesus will return and be found in Israel, and all will be welcome to come to Him as a friend. The Feast of Tabernacles will be a gathering of joy and trust in Jesus, and fellowship together, just as is found in a tent of friendship. And those who reject that, will find themselves without rain, just as the Father said. And how right that is, and how symbolically perfect for what they do to themselves. Without rain - water from the Holy Spirit - we are dry and without fruit.

The Father is building the bridge (as Silvana has been talking about) by Himself. He puts the stones together and each stone has a name on it. One name is that of King David. When you think of David, you think of his deep love for the Father, coupled with the praise that flowed from him concerning the Father. Silvana saw David and the spirit of worship for the Father. In order for anyone to truly worship the Father, they must know Him. David knew Him. He understood the goodness of God, and His love and His strength and His ever-present help, and He sang beautiful, powerful songs to Him and about Him. Now, He sings songs of Jesus.

We bought a flag of Israel, which we should receive this next week, so we can fly it in the back by the arbor with our American flag. We stand with Israel. We were reading online about the origins of the flag, and we read that in 1895, as there was a Zionist movement to return to Israel, that the question of a flag came up. They say that a man took off his prayer shawl with its stripes and said, "We have a flag". They took the stripes on the shawl, and added the star of David (based on the six sided shield of King David) to the middle. So, as we fly the Israeli flag, we will think of it as a prayer shawl, waving before the Father, taking to Him our prayers for the nation whose fate lies in His hands, whose citizens are the apple of His eye. God bless Israel, and God bless America.