Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Early this morning, I was crying out to Jesus, Jesus the hope of the world, Jesus, the Savoir of every man and woman. Jesus came really close. I laid on the floor and all I could do was weep in His Presence, weep before Him, calling His name, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" over and over and over. I thought of how much grief He bears over our sin, and over the enemy and all his lies, and all the pain on the earth and suffering there is. I told Him, "I don’t think I could bear even 1% of the grief You bear". He said to me, "You could bear some", but oh, how much grief He does bear, and has borne and I just kept thinking how deep His grief is. And I felt a little of the weight of His grief, and remembered, He is a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.

Then the Holy Spirit showed me something so refreshing, so beautiful. He showed me the healing that Jesus Himself brings and will bring to the earth, and He said it will be like there was never any enemy, never any evil, like nothing had ever happened since the fall of mankind. I could feel in my spirit, deeply, a change, a deep restoration and I could feel mankind, as a whole, restored to the Father, close to the Father, just a breath away from Him. He said a word to me, "Restoration" I could feel from Him what that means, how DEEP it is, He will change everything back to the way it was before Eve ate fruit and Adam took with her, and fell, before one lie was spoken to mankind, and all will be restored back into the way the Father always intended for our relationship to be with Him. And JESUS Himself is that restoration. He restores us directly back to the Father, the way it was in the garden, before mankind fell. Jesus is the restoration.

Felicia Dennis
July 26, 2006