Sunday, July 23, 2006

Seeing the Father and war

I saw the Father on Friday (July 21, 2006) and I saw Satan. They were standing facing each other on a level surface, which seemed to be near the ground. I saw thoughts and ideas in the air between them. There were thoughts of Israel and of people on earth and what they think, where they have been deceived and where they believe the truth. I saw the question as to how much power Satan actually has: what can he make people do? I saw WAR in the air, then I saw the Father gesture towards Himself with the fingers on each hand, and He said to Satan, "Bring it".

Then, I saw the Father lean in and He put His head almost touching Satan's head. Satan leapt away, almost as though he had been burned. He began flinging himself around, and I could see that he wanted to pound his head to get out of it the thoughts that the Father had put in his head while their heads were so close. What the Father put into Satan's head is the truth. The truth about Satan. The truth about the war. The truth about Israel. The truth about why Satan has such power over man. (He has power because each person's own sin and flesh and lack of looking into the spiritual realm, which leaves one blind. Even if one does see, you must have the Holy Spirit to show you what you are seeing and what it means.)

Satan cannot now escape the thoughts, although he will continually push them to the back of his head. But all around him, won't the demons see that the Father has greatly affected him? Won't they ask him, "What did the Father say?" The liar - the king of liars - can lie to them, but they will be able to see his thoughts if they look, for they are already in the spiritual realm. They (demons) have followed Satan for so long, and they have spent millennia not looking for the truth and not challenging him. It was (is) very dangerous to even question him, let alone challenge him. Like any tyrant he is snarling and short tempered and murderous and psychotically hostile to any perceived threat of treachery. As the prophet, Silvana Lupetti says, "Stalin and Hitler and Saddam Hussein, and other mass murderers who have taken power by fear and terror are like Satan. They savor their power, while fearing those who surround him."


There is war now between the earth and Satan, and fortunately for us, between the Father and Satan. We are facing the Murderer who murdered from the beginning. From the beginning means that as long as there has been man on earth, there has been a murderer walking among us, invisible, silently plotting our murders, our torment, our suffering, our grief, our downfall, our separation from the Father. Above all, with twisted, cruel pleasure (and victory in his mind) our deaths.

The enemy has been a murderer forever, so he will murder. He will lie and he will kill. Fear and grief will be weapons in his hands, that he will wield with great experience. Feelings will be greatly heightened as he moves among the people of the earth. Thoughts will abound as he suggests wicked ideas to minds all over the earth. He has laid the groundwork well. For the Father to seek to capture Satan is like Israel trying to enter Hezbollah country. It is heavily mined. There are minds among the Muslims who believe that Israel should be annihilated. There are minds among the communists that resent the United States and would like to usurp her position as world leader. There are minds among the enemies of America, who live within America, who would like to see her fall. They want democracy to fail, for personal sour reasons and they are active in their actions.

Yesterday, the New York Times published a story that outlined what Israel and America wlll do next. It offered up the information that America is rushing weapons to Israel, a story designed to inflame the followers of Hezbollah amd other anti-Israel forces. It will push them to provide more weapons to Israel's foes. This was an obvious outcome to the story, but the New York Times chose to run the story because they are against America and against Israel. Satan is behind their pride and stubborn refusal to put the safety of America, and now the safety of Israel, on the table. They lie when they claim to care about freedom. They lie when they claim to care about America. He is a liar, and liars are in his train, and liars are his tools.

The Father told us to print the words of the article and to put it under His bench (which is in the front of the house - it is a symbolic place that the Father comes to show His presence and His leadership as the war rages in the Spirit) for seven days and to light a candle to burn during those seven days, and to pray against the New York Times every one of those days, led by the prayers of Therese Cooper. At the end of the seven days we will burn the words. Please join us. If you have a candle light it, and pray against those who undermine America, and Israel, while we are at war. We pray for protests and boycotts against the newspaper. We pray for the Father to come against them in every way possible. And we pray against Satan and the pain and anguish and added suffering that will come because of him. This is no game. We can trust the Father to respond and we know the outcome of the war is certain, but we care about the frightened, the wounded, and all who must suffer until the Father wins the victory and Jesus returns to the earth.

The Father's weapon is the truth. The truth brings freedom. The truth is that freedom is good for all, and terror is murder of the innocent. The truth is that Israel is innocent in this conflict. She is not trying to take over the region (just as America is not trying to expand our borders or our power worldwide) and she has a perfect right to exist. The truth is that God loves man and that Jesus is the Messiah and that His blood brought victory forever and ever. The truth is that man should open his (her) eyes and speak to the Father and hear Him, and see what is happening all around him, on earth and in the spiritual realm. Angels are convinced of the truth, and what about mankind? Are they? All this was in the air between the Father and Satan as war intensifies in the Spirit.

What is the relationship that Abraham had with the Father? A simple one. Abraham talked to the Father, and the Father talked to Him. Is that what you have between the Father and you or do you have traditions? What does the Father say to you about your relationship? Do you hear His voice?