Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Father with a watering can in one hand and a sword on fire in the other

Yesterday, Silvana saw the Father. In one hand He was holding out a watering can, watering freedom in the world, and in the other hand He held a sword on fire.

We were praying for Israel and for the whole situation in the Middle East and we saw by the Holy Spirit that there is a bridge for those who desire freedom. If they will stand, the Father will help them, and they will need His help in the days ahead. Really, the choice before them is freedom or murder.

Silvana saw a raven and his beak was tied shut. He can peck at the seed but he cannot take it. The freedom that is in people's spirits cannot be taken away, it can only be come against.

As we are giving out the pictures of Jesus, we can see that not much is between us and them as we give the pictures and not much between them and Jesus. It is as though a wall has been removed. In the Spirit, we can see that we can speak freely of Jesus and people's spirits are open as never before.

We mailed pictures today to South Africa, France, India, Ghana, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, the Ukraine, and to several states in the USA. Anthony and Rusty gave us the money to pay for the postage. By their two donations, we had just enough to send out the packages. Dana gave us most of the money to pay off the printers (we supplied the rest) and we were able to order a new printing of another 105,000 pictures of Jesus! Thank you, Father, and thank you to each one who has helped us.

As Therese was leaving the Post Office today after mailing the packages, she met a woman and her grandson in the parking lot to whom she gave pictures of Jesus. The woman took the pictures of Jesus gladly and then she kissed it. She told Therese that she had lost her husband in April and that her son had died just before that. What an honor to bring a picture of Jesus to her, our grieving sister, whom Jesus loves so greatly.

Today Silvana was talking about Satan and what the Holy Spirit has been showing about him. The enemy is tired of hiding. He is tired of people being afraid and suffering and then not knowing that he is the one that caused such pain to them. He wants to be praised for his power. He wants them to know that it is he who caused their pain. He wants to be feared. He wishes he was in a body that could be seen. He has no control over being invisible. He doesn't realize that invisible or not, you still reap what you sow. He has brought terror and sorrow to people for generations. He wants it to culminate in something. He is sick of not being seen, of causing lifelong damage and it not being acknowledged that it was him. He does not consider himself to be God, but he does consider himself to be a god, and he wants to be seen, to be known. He wants to appear to people. He wants them to turn white and fall down; to go crazy.

She also spoke of the angels who have not fallen versus those who did fall, who are now demons. The angels that did not fall are full in their personalities, in themselves. They have humor and love and wisdom and loyalty and tender care for the Father. They will do anything to keep Him from being hurt. There is a lot of laughter and good humor around the Father. Demons, on the other hand, have lost the capacity for humor. It is no longer a part of themselves. They are consumed with destroying and how to bring more destruction. They are like shadows of what they once were. Although angels (not fallen) are more powerful then humans, they do not look down on us. They see that they were created as we were created. They admire us when we fight for good. Silvana said that as she was seeing this, she saw an angel, and she saw tears in his eyes. She saw his tears and heard him say that he admires the Father. They love and they care.