Monday, October 02, 2006

He created us to want to know Him

Earlier tonight I was talking with Felicia in Yahoo Messenger and I described something that I saw from the Father today. I am posting in my comments from Yahoo:

Silvana was talking about people on earth hearing the Father and when she did
I was looking out over the earth in the Spirit,
and I saw an opening for people to hear Him
and so I sort of pushed forward in the Spirit
as I do when wrestling in the Spirit sometimes
and when I did, Satan spoke and said
"they won't talk to Him because of what they believe"
which has been true. I have wrestled with this issue, trying to get people to realize
it is real and true - talk to the Father as Abraham did and He will indeed talk to you
but because of what they think, partially because of the church and its teachings
but mostly because of Satan putting this wrong thinking,
wrong belief, all over the world, around the whole world
always interferingthat people have not believed or realized
that they themselves can have the relationship with the Father
that they can, so, immediately after Satan said this, the Father answered
just as He answered when Satan spoke in response to my calling
out the Iraqis to remember that they are brothers
and the Father said, they will hear Me because they WANT to know Me
and I saw through the Father's eyes
a human being and I saw their flesh, the tissue of their flesh
and then I saw deeper in their tissue under the top layers
a deep place, and in there
is a desire in each and every human
to know the One who made them
not just to know that they were made
but to really know the One from whom they came
it is deeper than conscious thought
deeper than conscious realization
it is within each human being
it has been buried deep
but now, the Father sees it
and He knows us, He can and He will rekindle what is there that He Himself created
the Father is really showing Himself
As Felicia said, deep cries out to deep