Sunday, October 01, 2006

More notes

The Father said that He has more planned before the elections, to help the country to make the right decision, to put the right people in place to support the war against evil.
Flight 93 showed the courage and the heart of America. The people on that doomed flight fought to protect others. There is nobility in America because there is freedom in America.

Today I was outside in the yard working on the flowers. It was a beautiful warm day and I could feel the presence of the Father and I saw many angels. I sang as I was there with the Father. (This is the best way to spend Sundays, in the beauty of creation with the Creator, talking to Him or spending time with Him. It is a day of rest, as He wanted us to have from our labors.) I sang this song, "Come into the Holy of Holies. Enter by the blood of the lamb. Come into His presence with singing. Worship at the throne of God. Lifting holy hands, unto the King of Kings. Let us worship Jesus. Let us worship Jesus." As I sang, I heard the angels singing with me. Then, I saw them kneel to worship Jesus. I saw the demons in the sky, in the camp of the enemy, and they saw the angels singing and worshipping Jesus. I heard the angels calling out to them, "We worship Jesus. He is worthy to worship".

Satan doesn't want to look at Jesus. He does not want to acknowledge Him. He would rather ignore Jesus. Silvana Lupetti, the Father's prophet in the USA, was talking today about the Father. She said that heaven has a barrier. Evil cannot come there, and those within are protected. However, she said, the Father Himself does not have a barrier. He feels everything, He sees everything. He sees the anguish and the grief of all who suffer, He sees every evil that is done. He protects us but He does not protect Himself and He doesn't want to. He loves us and bears our pain willingly, and He goes to war for us. The Father became human and felt all that we do, suffered all that we suffer. Allah would never do that.

Kittens, cats, dogs, trees and beauty: that is the Father and what comes from Him.
Beheadings, torture. That is the enemy, and what comes from him. His fruit is darkness. Satan tries to get the world to reflect himself. He tries to get the nations to bend under his will, so they will reflect him.

It is hard for us to see the beauty in the world, to want to do good, and then to know about the murders, the evil in the world. Our spirit must acknowledge what it sees. The only thing we can do is go to the Father.

We are praying for Iraq and against the terrorists. The Father put a rainbow in the sky after He destroyed the world (except for 8 people) by a flood. The rainbow was a reminder to Himself not to totally destroy the whole world again. Evil calls out for a response. It is an inescapable conclusion that violence must be stopped. The Father will act, until the whole world is free. The Iraqis need to take the hand that is being held out to them, to be free, to stand together against the violence within their nation. Sooner or later the violence will strike them as it is, and their response will be that of human beings. Not as Muslim, not as Iraqis alone, but as human beings, who see the horror of murder.

As the Father sees the violence, sees the anguish, sees the sufferings of all, He is there to say, "It is not over. There is more. Remember heaven." Satan does not like to go beyond death. He likes to kill, to torment and to bring death. And that is all he wants to do in the situation. He does not want to look at what happens next, to go past his evil acts to the eternity that is ahead for each person. Although he knows it is true that each person will come before the Father, and that life is eternal, he tries to keep it always centered on death itself. Because Satan can bring death, he sees himself as great. If Satan could face his followers and prove to them that he is God, he would do so, but he cannot. He can't go past death, and he cannot answer this question: are you created? If he speaks of this, he only shows that he is not God, but a being made by God.

I was reading the news story about Ramadi and how the situation "tipped" to the favor of the Iraqi government and coalition forces, and I was praying for the people. As I prayed for them, I saw something going out in the spirit from the Father to them. It was a sense of loving one another, of living for each other.