Sunday, October 01, 2006

From my notes this month

Today I was praying for the Iraqi people. In the Spirit, I called out to them to fight back. It is their people who are being tortured by the terrorists. Show the courage that you used when you went and voted and your courage was shown by your purple fingers.

There are problems with the CIA. Porter Goss came in as director, full of enthusiasm to do a good job. Why did he leave? What sort of a stronghold is erected in our CIA? Pray for the CIA and the FBI to do a good job and to work together for the sake of the country.

Silvana saw an angel in the clouds twice today. The second time I saw it, as clear as could be. It was a large angel in the sky. It was recognizable at a glance.

Later that day, while writing to someone who has been persecuted for Jesus in Pakistan, I offered to send them some free pictures of Jesus. Suddenly, I saw the strongman of Pakistan in the air, watching as I wrote. There is persecution of Christians in Pakistan, just as the Holy Spirit warned that there would be. When I saw the strongman, immediately I stood up and I was in the Spirit. I spoke to the strongman and I said, "Do not interfere with the people who receive the pictures of Jesus." I saw the Father. He was with me and He spoke to Satan and said the same, "Do not interfere with those who receive the free pictures of Jesus." And I saw a sword in the Father's hand and He held it up to the neck of Satan, and there was a wound cut open in Satan's neck in the front. I could see blood. The slightest push from the Father's hand, and Satan would have been killed. And I saw that the Father was talking both to Satan and to his demons. The warning was serious.

The enemy thinks that he is so clever, using Mel Gibson to say things that are not where Jesus is coming from. First, Mel said the thing about the Jews being the cause of wars, and then he apologized. The reason Mel said this is because of what he has believed in his past because of the beliefs of his father. Now, he has made comments against the war in Iraq. Again, his Catholic beliefs are influencing him, but he is wrong. This war was declared by Jesus, and we must stand for freedom in Jesus' name. Mel just doesn't realize it. But Satan is fighting to influence the world, and he thinks Mel is the perfect choice because he made the movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. It is a little like him moving through Peter to tell Jesus not to go to Jerusalem. Jesus recognized Satan immediately and rebuked him. We recognize Satan moving here too. We pray for Mel Gibson, because he doesn't realize that he is wrong. He would be horrified if he thought he was going against something that Jesus is doing.

Jesus said to his disciples, while he was in the Garden of Gethsemane, "You could not wait with me one hour?" How do you feel about that when you read it? Do you wish you could be there with Jesus and comfort Him and stand with Him? He showed me this today, that many feel they would have liked to have been there so they could have stayed awake for His sake. Then, He said, "They can stay awake with Me now." There is evil moving across the earth, and we can stay awake and watch and pray. Jesus asks us to wait on Him about what we see, what we hear on the news. Will you stay awake with Jesus?

There are more and more murders in the public eye, and accidental deaths. It is going to keep happening, more and more, as Satan moves around the earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can destroy.