Monday, September 25, 2006

Truth about hell

The Lord Jesus Christ did not go "to Hell" - God forbid! He descended into Hades where the Old Testament saints were waiting for Him.(I Pet. 3:19.) As our Orthodox (New Testament) hymns teach on Holy Saturday: His Body in the Grave, His Soul in Hades routing Satan and defeating Death, and with the Father on the Throne! Because He is God as well as Man, He descended into the lowest parts of the earth and reigns in all points in His Universe. Those who believed in Him (in His coming) in Hades, were led into Paradise which He opened for all of us.

My answer:

Jesus did go to hell, and preached to those there and ascended with some in His train. He not only has victory over death, but he has the keys to hell too. This is great news, which is one reason why His followers were willing to suffer the persecution that they did and to keep telling others about him and his greatness. The people in hell were not Christians or Jews, just people - the world whom he loves - who had been alive when the judgment of the flood came. If you think he did not descend to hell, then ask him. He will assure you that he did and he will assure you also that the people who were there came there because of violence. That is a message that the Muslims would do well to take to heart, because he never changes: he is always for good, always against evil. It is shaping up, final battles, good versus evil, just as foretold thousands of years earlier. We know who wins.