Tuesday, September 26, 2006

They need Jesus there

T0day I was reading this article about the Sudan and the persecution of Christians by Arab Muslims and the genocide which is happening there. I told Jesus, "They need You there". This is a problem spot, and there is so much happening elsewhere in the war against terror, that we have not been able to devote the time to strongly intervene. I see the people who are suffering, and I know, they need Jesus, my Friend, their God, the Prince of Peace, the Defender of the oppressed. They need Him to walk among them. They need Him to bring His angels, who oppose the spiritual forces that rejoice over death. They need HIM to intervene. So, Jesus, dear Jesus, will you please move in Darfur, and bring an end to the slaughter, and bring a solution to the problems there. Oppose those that believe the lies that Satan has taught them, especially the Muslims who believe that they must subjugate others in his name. Help the children and the women who are fearful, and bring food and help to them. Bring freedom, Jesus just as You are bringing it all over the world. We love you, we look to You.