Sunday, July 30, 2006

More from the Father

I still have more to write about what the Father was saying about Israel the other day. It was so powerful. He told us to raise Israel's flag along with our American flag, and before we did, we put the flag on each of us as a prayer shawl. I took the Israeli flag to Silvana and put it over her. The moment it touched her body she began to weep and she was instantly in the Spirit. She began to speak about Israel and to Israel, and I will finish typing what was said soon. When the flag was put on me, I also was instantly in the Spirit. I put it over my head, as some do when they pray. The Father said that I could ask Him anything for Israel so I began to pray for them concerning the two things that the Holy Spirit had shown me earlier in the day: for their fear and their guilt. I saw the Father come between them and Satan as I prayed. I know He will help them, just as we all need supernatural help when Satan opposes us. It is hard to stand when your feelings and your thoughts are so powerfully affected, but trust and patiently looking to the Holy Spirit gives the grace to withstand the onslaught.

For the first time I saw clearly the end of this conflict and the end of the war with Satan. I saw what is happening, that the Father is doing on earth. I saw His meaning, His plans, which are utterly sensible and achievable. I saw that He is intent on putting an end to terrorism. He insists. Mankind, and demons, must stop. And Israel and America and any who ally with them are His tools. There will be complete victory. Of course the fight ahead is fierce, but it will be won, because the Father, the God of Israel, the God of America, leads the fight. He is the God who parts the sea, whom no one can oppose.

Yesterday I heard it said to Satan, "Stop your violence in Jesus' name". After I heard this, I thought, "he won't stop". Immediately the Father said, "He will wish he did".

Today, Silvana saw the Father with something that looked like a large burlap sack. He was taking grain out of the sack and sowing it liberally. The grain looked like grains of wheat. The Holy Spirit showed her that it represents the sowing of common sense. The Father is sowing among the Palestinians and the Lebanese people. Right now they are caught up in what is happening, and in their many thoughts that have been so enormously affected, as they have been brainwashed by the beliefs of many within their culture. But what is the truth? What sort of life do they want for themselves and their children? Do they want peace? Do they want to raise their children with hope, with a future? Somewhere in their spirits they do, and the Father is sowing grain that will grow and strengthen these thoughts and desires; the thoughts and desires that free people have. When the victory comes, there will be a harvest from among the people where He is sowing now.