Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update on sending pictures of Jesus to Rwanda: sent to mailing list on April 1, 2006

Greetings in Jesus' name. We want to give you an update on the pictures of Jesus going into Rwanda for Easter 2006, and to ask you to pray for us and for Kenneth Ezra, and for everyone involved with sending the pictures to Rwanda. We have received 10,000 of the 105,000 pictures we ordered and they are beautiful. They are the texture of a playing card, and the picture of Jesus is clear and lovely. However, since we are sending this 10,000 to Rwanda, as could be expected, the enemy is opposing us.

Just after he agreed to take the pictures of Jesus to Rwanda for Easter, Kenneth Ezra had a malarial attack, combined with stomach problems, which put him in the hospital in Uganda, where he lives. The Father graciously helped him and he was able to be released in a day or two. Doug Cooper has a blood clot in his leg, which is life threatening, and he was admitted to the hospital here in New Mexico, USA, until the blood clot thins and leaves his body. (He is expected to be there for two more days.) Doug runs the business, and this is an attack by the enemy on Doug himself and on our income, because there are all our bills, plus outstanding costs for sending the pictures and the tract, JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, which has been translated into Swahili and Kinyarwandan. Therese is working with their son, Anthony, in Doug's place. Please pray for them and for the business.

(Thanks very much in Jesus to Robert H for the money to pay for the translation into Swahili. Mary B and Felicia also gave money to send the pictures for Easter. Felicia saw in the Spirit when she gave the money for this project: she saw the money she gave as though it became a white dove, and it flew off for noble purposes.)

Doug is on his hospital bed stringing the pictures of Jesus, and the nurses have been coming in and out to get pictures from him to give to patients and to others. Silvana has had a terrible cough with fluid in her lungs and has been on a sickbed for days. Char is getting sick also, while Therese is recovering from sickness. Jordan has had a fever. Please pray for all of us, for healing and strength. At times we can literally feel the enemy's presence as he opposes us and the pictures of Jesus. The Father showed His prophet, Silvana, that the loss that the enemy had suffered recently is the loss occurring as the Holy Spirit and many angels go with the pictures into Rwanda, and Tanzania, and Uganda, both nations which received refugees from Rwanda during and the horrific genocide. Satan has been doing unspeakable acts there, and in many places in Africa, during the slaughter in 1994, and up to this very day. We also have opportunity to send pictures to Kenya.

Through the opposition, problems arose at the printers as the pictures were being printed: one: the drill bit broke so Mark was unable to punch the holes for stringing the pictures, and two: there was an error in the layout of the pictures, which delayed their finish. We were able to pick them up late last night. Because of the delay, now our postage cost in mailing them will likely be tripled, or more. We had allotted $100 for postage, but it may cost $350 instead, in order to arrive in time for Kenneth Ezra to bring the pictures to Rwanda for Easter 2006, which is the day that the Father called THE DAY OF THE MURDERED.

There are fifteen days left to Easter. Stand and pray for us and we urge you in Jesus' name to help in any way that you are able with this project. We have given the printer $500 towards the $1735 total (he said he would accept payments, for which we are grateful and we thank him) and we still need to cover the cost of the postage, the translation into Kinyarwanda, Kenneth's travel money, print costs for tracts, and a few other expenses.

We have posted an email from Kenneth Ezra. You can see as you read his letters why the Father chose him to carry out this important mission, which is to get the anointed pictures of His Son into the hands of the survivors and the murderers from that Satan-inspired tragedy in Rwanda. The email shows Kenneth's travel plans as he goes on his trip on Jesus' behalf.

- Travel plans: churches, orphanages, hospital, directly to the people

God bless Kenneth Ezra. The Father said recently that people should start to consider using their tithes to help Him with what He really is doing in this world. Brothers and sisters, PLEASE HELP US, IN JESUS' NAME.

With all our love in Jesus,

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
April 1, 2006