Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pictures of Jesus to Rwanda: sent to mailing list on March 20, 2006

Greetings in Jesus' name. Recently we sent to you the post titled, THE DAY OF THE MURDERED, in which the prophet Silvana Lupetti comments on the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and the Father's plans to move by His Holy Spirit on Easter this year, with remembrance for those who have been murdered. That email post was sent on March 6, 2006, and on March 14, we received a request for free pictures of Jesus from someone who lives in the nation of Uganda. Jesus told us to ask the man who requested pictures (a college student named Kenneth) if he knew someone who could take some pictures of Jesus to a church or to any people in Rwanda, so we wrote and asked him. He wrote back to tell us that he will personally take the pictures of Jesus into Rwanda. When He got our request he didn't know what the Father had said about Easter and Rwanda, but he has five days off at that time, and Easter is when he will travel by bus to Rwanda and distribute the pictures there! Thank you, Father! In the midst of our mourning for Rwanda, we are rejoicing in our God for His love and provision for the survivors there.

As we were rejoicing over the pictures of Jesus going into Rwanda, I saw a vision of the Father. He was standing at the border between Uganda and Rwanda, with many angels, waiting for Kenneth and for the pictures of Jesus to arrive. He is going to move with healing in His wings, into Rwanda, and among the people. It is such an honor to participate with Him in reaching out to the people there who suffered so terribly at the hands of our evil enemy, who is a mass murderer at heart. How Satan reveled in the wide-spread carnage as he brought about the murder of almost a million people in 100 days. Thank you, Father, for Your coming justice and healing.

We have two short MoviePlayer clips online in which Char Tierney is speaking of what happened in Rwanda. We cannot encourage you strongly enough to look into the events that happened in Rwanda, beginning on April 6, 1994, when the Rwandan President's plane was shot down, and people were encouraged over the radio to go out and murder their neighbors. At that time, just as he desires to do now, Satan spoke directly through the radio, which were given out free by the government planning the slaughter, before and during the genocide so that more and more people would participate. The Father has been showing His grieving heart for the people, and His wrath against the evil that was done there. He will act with healing and with justice. Suffering, death, injustice: this is what is on the Father's heart as He looks at the world today. In His name, we urge you to join Him in caring, and in praying for the survivors and the victims from Satan's rampages of evil world-wide. Even as we remember what happened in Rwanda in the past, we stand against what we see coming in the future, to all the world. Brothers and Sisters, join with us in this wonderful opportunity to send free pictures of Jesus into Rwanda.

We found out from our printer, Mark, that he will print 90,000-105,000 more pictures of Jesus on card stock paper (like playing card paper) and he will coat them with a gloss sealing, so that they will not need to be laminated. They will be more like the texture of playing cards. He also will cut the paper into individual pictures, and punch the holes in them. All we will need to do is string them! This will save us an incredible amount of time, giving us the freedom to concentrate on sending them out by mail, and/or traveling with the RV and giving them out. We have been receiving so many requests from prisoners, that we are planning to send each request at least 50 pictures to share with other inmates. Click here to read a testimony from Louise in Texas about Jesus' wonderful timing in giving His picture for the sake of a prisoner.

The cost for the pictures will be between $1800-$1900 (plus tax), a savings of $800-$900 from what we were paying before for printing and laminating, not to mention all the work we were having to do. He will accept monthly payments for a few months, to give us the opportunity to pay for the costs for sending pictures to Rwanda for Easter. He is going to start printing the pictures today, March 20th. Jesus told us to go ahead and order the pictures printed, so we are trusting Him to provide, and we gladly welcome your participation. Pray for us and pray for provision, and join us in raising the money.

For Rwanda we have the following needs: we need to pay for the travel expenses of our Brother Kenneth as he travels to Rwanda from Uganda, to pay for postage to mail the pictures to Uganda, to pay for a translation of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into Swahili, and if we can raise enough money in time, pay for Swahili language tracts to be given out in Uganda and Rwanda. Kenneth is getting the price of having the tracts printed there, rather than printing them in the USA, and then having to ship them.

On the back of each picture of Jesus that we send to Rwanda, it will say this:

I say to the fearful of the earth, and to the children
Who witness death, there is a heaven and life
Continues past death. I am with even the
Sparrows which fall. As I rose from death,
All rise from death into My presence.
When you are afraid, remember heaven'.
Talk to Jesus. He will talk to you.
REMEMBER: Jesus loves you.

The picture on the front
was painted from the image on the
Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth that was
around Jesus when He brought Himself back to life.

Free Pictures of Jesus: 505-888-1800

Timeline of emails leading up to pictures of Jesus being sent to Rwanda:
March 6:"THE DAY OF THE MURDERED" - Easter: April 16, 2006
March 14: Request from Kenneth in Uganda for free pictures of Jesus
March 15: Our reply to request with questions about going to Rwanda
March 16: Letter of agreement from Brother Kenneth to go to Rwanda
March 17:"I will gladly take the pictures to churches and to orphanages"

MoviePlayer Clips:
The Apostle Char Tierney Speaks of Rwanda
Rwanda: Part One
Rwanda: Part Two
The two clips are short excerpts from the television show we are making.
We had technical difficulties so the sound is not perfect.

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- Money for Kenneth on his trip to Rwanda for bus, motel, and food: $365
- Translation of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into Swahili: $180
- 105,000 pictures of Jesus printed, cut, coated, hole punched for stringing: approximately $1850
- Print Swahili translation 5000-20,000 tracts: price unknown