Thursday, April 06, 2006


Greetings in Jesus' name. The enemy is furious over what is happening from the Father, and there is opposition all around. Recently I saw a huge wall of opposition from Satan. It looked like a huge cloud barrier, from the top of the sky to the ground, stretching from one side of the horizon to the other. As there is opposition, there is help. This morning we woke up to a windstorm and Silvana said immediately that it is a sign of the opposition. Earlier I was putting up the post on this blog about mailing the package to Rwanda. I was at the very end of the post and Jesus said, "Save it". So, I right clicked and saved what I had written. It was not five seconds later that the site went down. I tried to reopen the page where I had been writing and was not able to do so. But, thanks to Jesus, I had it saved and could post it later.

Therese and Anthony, her 18 year old son, who are working together while Doug recovers from his hospitalization, were cleaning at a church (cleaning the carpets with the business van) and they had a problem with the van. Therese asked Jesus for help and He said, "You will fix it". Just a minute later Anthony moved things around in the van and saw that a toggle had gotten switched wrong, and they were able to proceed with the cleaning. Five minutes after that, the cleaning solution would not come out. This time Anthony asked Jesus to help. Then he looked at his mom with a smile and said, "NOW is Jesus saying we will get it". Seconds later, he suddenly thought, "Well, did I do... such and such...." and he ran out to the van and was able to get the solution flowing again. These may sound like small problems, but they would affect us. We can't afford to lose a $200 cleaning job, and opposition to writing to you, is opposition to food for you from what the Father is saying and doing. In the post talking about the danger of deafness, I mentioned by the Holy Spirit that now has come the time that people must be able to hear the Father's voice and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and that time has come. Jesus is quick to help, to those who are quick to hear.

We suffered minor problems, but there is greater opposition to those who are doing the Father's will. Kenneth Ezra went to church where they publicly humiliated him by rejecting him when he went up to say what the Father is doing in sending the pictures of Jesus into Rwanda. They asked for testimonies and three people went up. Two gave their testimonies and the church clapped. When it came time for Kenneth Ezra, the pastor asked him what he wanted to say, then told him he would tell the church later and sent Kenneth to sit down. Imagine how he felt in front of all the people. Then, the pastor proceeded to try to raise money for the new building that is under construction for their church. The Holy Spirit said to me, "It will be a miracle if that new building gets built". Why should it be finished? It should represent them - the church - falling into pieces. They had opportunity to hear what the Father is doing for their neighbors, who suffered terribly at Satan's hands, and they just couldn't take the time to even hear about it, let alone ask Jesus about it.

Brother Elijah in Hawaii suffered the same reaction from the church where he attends. He received the pictures of Jesus with joy, ready to share them with others, and the church took down the picture he put up for them, and said, "You are on your own. That is your own ministry." So Jesus, who could comfort some who come to the church, is taken down, so they can concentrate on their own ideas, their own plans. The Head of the Church has been taken down, and they are too religious and self-absorbed to even notice!

Silvana told me just a few days ago that she saw a vision of the church being broken into pieces and people coming out of it. Yes, the Father would take them out. Let them flee from the religious, for the enemy moves among them easily, without detection, and Jesus is rejected among them.