Thursday, April 06, 2006

I SAW SATAN WEEPING: from March 30, 2006

The other day, while lying on my sickbed, the Father came to me, took my hand and led me away with Him in the Spirit. I found myself rushing towards something, an image which soon became clear. It was Jesus, who was weeping over Jerusalem. I saw the words from the Bible, just those two words, "Jesus wept". I saw His face with the tears running down, His hands were clasped over His heart, and He was rocking back and forth. The Father was standing next to me, silent. I looked at His face and He had tears in His eyes. My heart was overflowing for Jesus and the Father.

Then the Father took my hand again and we went away from Jesus. Soon I saw another image growing larger as we approached. The Father and I were now standing in a darkened room. I knew it was light outside but the windows were covered in black cloth with just the edges of light coming in. It was very dim. I heard a sound, and looked and saw a figure. It was Satan on his knees with the palms of his hands on the floor. I heard a gutteral sound, something like a wailing, mixed with anger. He was also weeping. I saw the tears. He too, was rocking back and forth. I looked at the Father and He was looking at me.

I saw what was in the Father's mind. There was Satan, and I knew that he was weeping in frustration, rage and self-pity. I saw into him that he was crying for himself. All the tears were flowing for nothing else. Only self. He was angry at being recently defeated by the Father in something. He was thinking about how unfair the Father was treating him. Thing after thing in his mind came crashing in: self-self-SELF. Then I turned to look back at Jesus and I saw His tears, and not one of them were for Himself. No. All His tears were for us. He was thinking of our blindness and our darkness, and how He wants to change all that, how He wants us to be free. All His tears were flowing for our welfare and our freedom from darkness.

What a contrast it was; how different were the tears. And I saw how precious just one tear from Jesus really was. How full of love and value, more than words could ever express. As I looked into the Father's eyes I saw another building full of people, and I knew it was the church. And I saw, as the Father showed me, into their spirits. I saw the same thing that I saw in Satan. Mostly just self. Feelings, thoughts, of how they were at the moment. I saw how little room there was in them for much else. There was a sliver of space for Jesus, but mostly there were thoughts that had much to do with what was happening to them. I realized that Jesus had none of that. All His thoughts were based on how to help us. How I wished He could see the same selflessness in us, but I knew it was not so. How I wished that we could all join together as His Body, thinking of how to help Him reach out, how to help Him as He is throwing out His arms to draw the people of the world to Himself. But I know how little of that happens, as those thoughts of self crowd out our connection to Him.

Then the Father spoke to me, "One tear of compassion for others, one tear of caring love and pity, I VALUE ABOVE ALL THE RICHES OF THE EARTH".

I knew that Satan was hiding his tears in that darkened room. He surely did not wish that anyone knew he was weeping, for that would be humiliating to him. And then the Father took my hand and brought me back to my bed. How my heart was moved for His love, and His tears. I want to help Him in any way He would ask. And I want the world to know what is in His great heart. He wants me to tell of this as an appeal to those who call Him by name. WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR HIM? And to tell you, that He wants to lead us in helping Him. Make room in your hearts for whatsoever He asks; make room by throwing out the thoughts of self. Think of the cross, and then it will not be so hard to do. The Father is moving with power in the earth as warfare rages on. The contrast between Jesus and evil has never been so clear. Help others by lifting up our Jesus to them. Help those who are doing this in the world, as Jesus leads. By doing this you will help to dry the tears of Jesus and the Father. And that I would do even to death. Will you? The way is clear, the door is open.

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
March 30, 2006