Thursday, April 06, 2006


Greetings in Jesus' name. Yesterday we mailed out the package for Rwanda to Brother Kenneth Ezra in Uganda. The package was mailed at 3:50 PM. We sent 5000 of the new pictures, each one strung and ready to be worn around the neck. We sent 500 of the glossy photo pictures (non laminated) that we send to prisoners. We sent 4 large 8x10s, 5 DVD copies of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, 50 small "write to us for free pictures" cards, each with a small picture of Jesus, 8 of the 4"x6" laminated pictures. We also sent 12 copies of the Swahili translation of the tract JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and 12 copies of the Kinyarwandan translation of the same tract. We are hoping that Kenneth Ezra can find a copy shop to get copies made to distribute. If not, he can give the pastors one or two and they can contact us for more copies or for money to have them copied. We also included a "representative of Operation Jesus Pictures" card for Brother Kenneth, for his safety, because of the political unrest in the region. THANK YOU, FATHER! God bless and protect Brother Kenneth Ezra.

The Father's prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, put oil on her hands and her tears on her hands, and put her hands all around on the box of pictures that we sent. Only the Father understands what that brings in His Spirit. How deep is His love and His sorrow over what happened, and great is His desire to bring healing there. This is war, and our Commander in Chief who leads us is one who voluntarily laid down His life for the murdered, and for the murderers too.

We have put a $500 payment on the printing of the new pictures (105,000) - the next $500 is due on May 1st, we paid for the Kinyarwandan translation, we have the money to send for the Swahili translation, we paid for the mailing of the package, which did not end up being as much as they said. It only cost $110.15 to mail. Remaining costs are: custom duties in Uganda, and we don't know how much that will be, and the money for Kenneth Ezra to travel by bus and eat and stay in Rwanda for the days he is there, which is $365, plus the Western Union fee to send it, which is probably around $20, or so. We don't have all the money now, but the Father said that we will when we need to send it. (We are going to send the money to Kenneth by Western Union, because that is instant.) We also need the money to mail the pictures to Tanzania, plus all the pictures to other places that we have promised. We have a bin waiting to be mailed, that contains packets that are ready, for which we do not yet have postage.

Therese called Felicia while she was at the Post Office mailing the package. Together they were praying for its safe delivery. Therese saw in the Spirit, the enemy desiring to oppose the package. Then, Felicia saw a long line of angels, stretching from where we mailed the package, to Uganda. The angels were preparing to hand the package, hand to hand, all the way there, to make sure it was safe. Last night I dreamt that Jesus was in the back seat of a yellow taxi. The Holy Spirit was in the front seat (He was the driver.) They were waiting - Jesus had his door open - for the pictures to arrive so they could take them to the people.

Silvana saw those dressed in white, who have been murdered in Rwanda, gathering to watch as the pictures approach their nation on earth. Somberly they watch the progress of the pictures, as Jesus moves towards the people with healing in His wings, as the Holy Spirit described it.

Before I went to sleep last night, I lay in my bed and I begin to weep, thinking of the terrible things done in Rwanda. They chopped up children in front of their parents: horrible things were suffered by many, many people. I cried out to Jesus to bring the pictures to the survivors, to help them, to heal them, to bring the pictures and His Spirit to those most wounded, those most traumatized. The dream of the taxi is His answer: He will do so. And we will send more pictures to Rwanda another day, as Brother Kenneth is willing to make more trips, or as others within Rwanda contact us. All we need to do this is money. Pray for us for provision, and we urge you to join us, because this calling from the Father is one that hits directly into the territory formally lorded over by the enemy. We have prisoners writing to us for pictures, we get requests from all over the world. Brother Joseph and the Believers with him are waiting for more pictures and for the books we want to send to them for their children's schooling. Pray for us and if you can join us, then now is the time to act. The Holy Spirit said not too long ago, that it is time for the people to God to put their tithes towards the work that He is doing, and not to the ineffective and self-absorbed church. The church is us: those who are doing the will of the Father in Jesus' name.