Sunday, April 10, 2005

Writing from April 1, 2005

This is what was posted in one of the audio posts that did not survive, and from our notes of April 1, 2005:
- I mentioned a horn that I saw coming from the ground on 3-22-05. I said it was before the Father. Today I saw that horn again, and it came up further from the ground. Then I saw that it is actually the top of a mountain. The mountain that is arising is the Father's Remnant. He will act through the Remnant. I saw drops of water coming out from the Father and I heard the words, "Latter Rain". Silvana said that when we saw the rainbow for Terri Schiavo, that she saw latter rain in the earth also.
Among the mountain:
- On Easter Sunday this year THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was shown by the 700 Club in Indonesia and 10 million people watched it! How wonderful. Thank you, Father. How great you are!
- A dear friend of ours and sister in Jesus has an aunt who died recently. Our sister was present when her aunt died. She spoke to her, telling her aunt, "You are going to be with Jesus, and heaven lies ahead." She also told her aunt that she was free to go, to go ahead. After she said this, her aunt died, and she was smiling when she went. "This", says the Holy Spirit to the whole world, "This is dying with dignity." And a Remnant believer led the way.
- Therese got a phone call from a man about the pictures of Jesus after he watched one of our television shows. (Which has been changed to every Thursdays on Channel 27 at 10:00 pm, rather than 11:00 pm.) By the Holy Spirit, Therese knew the man's name before he told her his name. She started speaking to him about hearing Jesus' voice. He said, "I know that Jesus speaks through the Bible." Therese said, "Yes, I also used to believe that spoke through the Bible, because I was in the church and that is what they teach." Then she said, "But Jesus spoke to me while I was in the church and called me out, and now I know the truth, that He speaks to people through the Bible and He speaks to them directly, just as the Bible teaches: He spoke to Adam, to Abraham, and many others. He speaks to mankind, and therefore He will speak to me, and He does". She told me that as they were speaking, she saw a dark form near the man. She realized that it was a demon, trying to interfere. (The Holy Spirit said that the demon was not trying to keep Therese from speaking, because he realized that he couldn't, but he was trying to keep the man from believing what she was saying.) As they continued to speak, Therese saw the demon pushing against her and she pushed back. Then, in the Spirit, she saw the man step forward to hear the truth, and the demon faded back and left. The truth will overcome the lies, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
- We gave more pictures to a woman in Moriarty who is the friend of some local paramedics. She has been giving the pictures of Jesus to them, and we gave her another batch to give them. She told us that recently they had given some pictures of Jesus to a woman who had been severely beaten. She took the picture of Jesus from them, and looked at Him, and then she stopped crying. She was looking at the One who loves her, and cares about what happened to her, cares about everything that happens to her.
- I saw that the way is open in every nation for us to go out with the truth about Jesus. We can give pictures, we can show the movie, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and people will respond from their spirits. As the Chinese man told Therese, "I like the Western God". Yes, indeed. The Western God is the God of gods, and He is Love. And all the nations who are looking with new interest at Jesus, because of America, because of President Bush, because of freedom, and because of Terri Schiavo, they are wide open for us to come and bring Jesus to them. The way is open and demons are pushed way back and many removed altogether.
- Felicia has been given the lead in praying for The Table of the Remnant and for Operation: Jesus Pictures. Jesus hears her and those who pray with her and He responds. He told her last week that we would get laminate supplies on Friday and we did. He provided for us. The things that Jesus says to her always turn out to be true, so we always ask Jesus about everything He says to her. The Holy Spirit told me that Therese and Felicia are like Stephen and Phillip, who were men filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom. Later, Jesus said that Therese is like Stephen (Jesus said, "After all, she is descended from Patrick Henry, who was a great orator.") Stephen called the Jews to account for killing their Messiah, who had been foretold. Therese speaks the truth to all and talks to Jesus about all that she hears and sees. Felicia is like Phillip, who taught the Ethiopian, and then when the man said, "Here is some water. Why can't I be baptized", Phillip took him down to the water, and then the Holy Spirit caught him away. It is valuable to talk to either one, Felicia or Therese. Both will go to Jesus with you, and on your behalf. If anyone is interested in having both of their phone numbers, contact us and we will give it to you.
- There is a fight over Terri Shindler's (Schiavo) remains. She represents the church and her husband represents Satan. Satan is a deadly enemy to the church. He wants us dead, and he wants to even erase the memory of us. The archangel Michael had to contend with Satan over Moses' bones. This is the same. The enemy is deadly and full of venomous hatred and we see his attempts to take everything from this innocent woman, including a resting place of peace, where she is known and loved. We are all - the whole world - the whole church - the remnant church, and you individually - are in deadly danger, but the Father is with us to lead and help and protect.
- The Holy Spirit said to Silvana of Terri before she died, "Unless a seed of corn fall into the ground...". We were sorry to hear this, for our hearts are full of grief for her and her mother and her family. Silvana saw Jesus carrying Terri off the earth in His arms. Her death is indeed a seed. The whole world saw her fall into the ground and millions of hearts grieved for her. We also see the stronghold of the Judiciary System in America; the judges who cannot be checked, and how the American Constitution's balance of power is being thwarted. "They are like kings", the Father said, "And there will be no kings in America".
- We planted a tree for Terri today, and named it Terri Schindler. She is not a Schiavo, but a Schindler and that is how we will remember her. As we planted the tree, we saw Terri watching from heaven. Jesus was standing by her. Here is a picture of Mary Therese planting the tree for Teresa Maria.
- We also planted a tree and named it Patrick Henry. Two people - Silvana Lupetti and Jordan Cooper - came up with the name separately at the same time. Both were hearing from the Holy Spirit. Now ringing (surrounding) the patio of remembrance, (the green patio is like the rainbow to the Father. He remembers freedom's spread when He looks at it) are three trees. The first one on the left is the tallest - it is Patrick Henry, representing America, who is the leader in the march towards freedom and democracy. Next, is the tree named Liberty, who was planted on April 9, 2003, the day that the statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down, and the third tree is Terri Schindler, who represents the world; each person. "As you do to the least of these, you do to Me", says Jesus.
- The Father had shown Silvana a vision of salt - it was the salt from the Pope, John Paul ll. The Holy Spirit told us to put salt in the prophet Silvana's hand and on her lips. Then we put oil on a plate and put salt on it. Therese and I dipped our fingers in the salt and in olive oil, then mixed that with the tears from Silvana and put it on our lips. As we did, the angels in the host who are with the Father said,"We live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Father". And we do also. We live not only by Scripture, but we live by every word the Father is saying now, whether it be of war, or sin, or flesh, or the plans of the enemy, or how to reach out to others with Jesus, or of anything that He says to us concerning our lives and our situations. The Father said to Silvana that we (the Remnant) would be more like the angels.