Sunday, April 10, 2005

April 10, 2005

One time Jesus said, "Who are My mother and brothers and sisters? My mother and brother and sisters are those who do the will of the Father." Today He said, "To be My Bride, you must be about the will of the Father." He said that what is on the Father's Table is what the Bride must be about: the war, your own flesh, your own sin. To all who listen to the audio blogs, and who read the Table of the Remnant blogs; it is good to listen and hear and ask the Holy Spirit about all that you hear, but also each person needs to read the web-site, to know where the Holy Spirit is coming from about the church, and about the enemy, and about his lying doctrines. GOD'S WARNING TO THE CHURCH was given fifteen years ago, so there may be changes since 9/11, but it shows accurately what the Holy Spirit feels of the church and why.
Last week I was working outside in the yard, which I love to do and never seem to have enough time to do. I realized that we needed to use some weed and feed in certain sections of the yard. I said to the Holy Spirit, "You often use gardening examples to me concerning your people, the Remnant. What would be the example of weed and feed to the Remnant?" He answered me immediately, "The truth is weed and feed. If you hear the truth, then it is feed for you, because it is what the Holy Spirit thinks, the truth from Him, which is teaching for you. The truth is also a weed killer; it shows up the weeds, the lies from the enemy and therefore sets you free. Common lies are these: 'You are a a loser.' 'You can't serve Jesus well.' 'You are failing God'." Also, there is the following lie, which gets said to many within the church, and appeals to man's pride, "You are special. You are more important than others." The truth is that this is nonsense. We are each of us God's child, His creation, each with value, each accountable to God to act for Him, and realizing this pushes away the enemy and his lying influence.