Saturday, April 09, 2005

A FunDay with Jordan Cooper/ Praying for those who seek justice

Yesterday, on April 8th, Jesus did a wonderful thing for Jordan Cooper. He has been working hard at school and at helping us around the property. So, Jesus gave him a special day at the zoo, plus he played mini-golf for the first time, plus he went to a movie. Char and his mom, Therese, spent the day with him on this Fun Day also. We will post pictures for all who are interested to see Jordan. Jesus said from the time that Jordan was born that he was an example for the Remnant, and he is a good example. He loves to learn, He loves Jesus, He has gifts from the Holy Spirit, and He is always willing to pray for others, and to join in with making pictures of Jesus or sharing them with others. While at the zoo, we prayed for a baby gorilla that had been rejected by its mother, and I could feel the change immediately, and the Holy Spirit acted is response to our prayers. He will answer us. He cares even about the animals on earth.
Recently we decided to keep track of Jordan's growth, and by doing this we saw that he has grown a few inches in just a few months. The Holy Spirit said that this is indicative of His Remnant, who are listening and learning from Him. There is, and will be, leaps in growth, as more and more people talk to Jesus about the events on earth and listen to His replies, and then act as He leads.

Today Silvana and I were in the Spirit, and she was talking about the nobility of many who are homicide or forensic investigators. She said that it is as though they live a split life: they have their own life, and they have another life in which they try to bring justice. They carry a burden in their spirits. Some are born to do this, and given gifts from the Father to be able to do it. They come face to face with evil and its effects, and they strive to push it back. We asked the Father to send angels to help them: angels to help lift the burden from their spirits, and angels to help them as they organize and research the clues that they have, and to give them success in all their work.
Silvana also commented on the mothers of the people who are murdered. The enemy has been sadistic in his murder of children. She said that the grieving mothers are like those in heaven who are dressed in white, who cry out to the Father for justice. The mothers are those on earth who cry out in the same manner, and He hears them.