Sunday, April 10, 2005

From April 4th and 6th, 2005

- Silvana Lupetti saw a vision of the Pope, lying in his vestments. Then she saw his face implode; immediately decaying. This has to do with the struggle over the church. The enemy wants to enter in, to come into the leadership and what is higher than the pope? The whole world will be listening to the new pope. Newspaper and tv reports will be given on what he says. The enemy wants to speak for the church, to seem to speak for Jesus, by speaking through a pope. We hope you are all praying earnestly about this.
- Char Tierney saw a vision of a bride. She was dressed in a white wedding dress, wearing a veil. Behind her stood a bridesmaid, who was straightening her veil. The bridesmaid wore a long dress with a high bodice. It was green and blue in color with gold embroidery work on it. Jesus said, "It is so close, until I come for you."
- The Father was showing that people in hell do not fully realize why they are there. They think it is because of their actions, but they don't see the underlying cause, which is: why did they act as they did? It is because they lived for self. When sin came to mankind, it was as though a whole new universe - an alternate and alien universe - was opened up to mankind. In this universe, one lived for self, rather than for God. In the universe that the Father created, Adam lived and he loved Eve and cared for the animals and worked in the garden. The Father lived and came to earth and visited with Adam, His friend. They had a loving relationship. That is what was in the Father's mind for all of us when He created man. But sin opened a door to another world, a world in which you don't love and you don't meet with the Father, and you don't live for others. Instead, you care primarily about what you are thinking, about what you feel, about what happens to you. In this world, which is all about you, the Father becomes distant and others become less important than you are. What they care about, what they feel, what the Father says, are not as important to you as your own feelings and thoughts and life.
The angels with the Father, they live by what proceeds from His mouth, they live by where He wants to move. As they see what is happening on the earth, or in the spirit, they care. They care and they act, and they look to the Father always for wisdom. This is what Adam had in the garden, that he lost when he left the Father's will, and it is to this reality, this world, that the Father wants to return us. The whole world is accountable to Him for this, for all of us chose self when we chose sin, and for all of us, Jesus had to die. Jesus did not live for self at all, and nor can we, if we love Him, if we wish to be His Bride, His family.
April 6, 2005
-Our children are not being raised. They are being allowed to grow up, thinking only of self and what is happening with them or around them. They are allowed to live for self.
How can the Father show the youth today how to be? Leaders are expected to lead and be good examples. The enemy wants to pull the feeding tube and deny water to the church, to the world, but the Father will feed them, as they come to Him directly. The water is the truth from the Holy Spirit. We are praying for the youth of today, and for the world, and for the Father to help each of them and to lead them from this selfish existence. Caring about what happened to Terri is a seed, a beginning of caring for others. The Father said that He will give more chances to care about others.