Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Father speaks of grief to the prophet, Silvana Lupetti


Grief is a phenomenon of the heart. The Father shows grief in the heart of man caused by loss, natural and manmade loss. Evil does not make grief. The enemy does not make grief. The Father does not make grief. Grief comes out of the heart because of loss, most times caused by sin and by evil.

Grief moves within man; around the mind, around the heart, around the spirit; always moving. Because it moves, it is always felt. Grief causes the grieving to lose light, to draw deep within - diminished, always in pain. Grief is not in itself evil, it just exists.

Time can affect grief but only in fading the pain somewhat, but when it moves it is felt as deeply as ever. The Father sees a world of grief - as though the grieving are prisoners, and as though they have lost their lives while they are still alive.

This is the phenomenon: grief coming purely out of the heart of man. The Father wants to answer grief. There is only one answer that stops the constant movement of grief. That answer is hope and only He can bring that answer to the grief itself and begin to free the grieving.