Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Letter from Ghana and other matters

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Greetings in Jesus' lovely name. Yesterday we received the following email from our dear Brother Joseph in Ghana, West Africa. If you remember from earlier posts, there are about 30 or so in their group of believers, who were forced to leave Togo when there was political unrest, and soldiers were going door to door and attacking people. One of the believers was killed. We have been praying for all of them, and helping them when we can. Recently the Father provided the money for them through Operation: Jesus Pictures to start a business in Ghana, since it is so hard to get work as a foreigner. We wanted to share this email with you so you can join us in praying for their soap making business.

Hello sister Char, Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ who loves us all! We embrace you and all he brethren there in this precious name of Jesus Christ! By God's grace, we are doing fine here, and we continue to see the hands of God on us. As usual, we were so glad to received your warm message.

We are well and attempting to preach the word as best we can. God is opening opportunities for us to fellowship with other brethren, and also for us to minister to others in various places. It is amazing, we met and fellowship with a pastor from a church in Accra. He invited me to their meeting, which I share the gospel with them. It was so pleasing and inspiring! The main goal of their ministry is to share the gospel especially to those in the villages and remote areas that have little or no access to the gospel. We have already partnered in this effort. We gave them some of the tracts and the pictures. You can write or send pictures of Jesus to them through the below address:

Grace Home Church,
P.O. Box 1701
Osu - Accra

I wonder that the cold and snow can be quite bitter this time. With the world oil prices getting higher, I wonder that the cost of heat for many homes there in your country this winter will be more than ever before. The Lord is at hand! We are in the last days,and end of the age I should say, so things will only get worse. The bible tells us so; Matt chapter 24, Luke chapter 21, Mark chapter 13. However the Lord is doing a great thing these days as many world wide are waking up to the true gospel of our Lord Jesus.That's the good news!

Thank you very much for your prayers for every of us. We will try to send the ages of the children. We have start selling the soap, and we hope that with time it will move and will yield profits. We are blessed to own a business! Generally, things are not quite well at this moment, we still have some difficulties. Please, continue to pray that the Lord will continue to provide graciously for us.

Our greetings, love and thanks to everyone there at OperationJesusPictures. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Your brother,
Joseph & the brethren here

As you can see by the email, they are still having difficulties. They are refugees in a foreign country, with many needs, such as the basic necessities like food. They are lifting up Jesus in the darkness as all who love Him must do. We are praying for all their difficulties. They need our prayers. We sent a packet to the Grace Home Church in Ghana yesterday, with 200 JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME tracts in their language, 200 strung pictures, an 8x10 picture of Jesus, and 5 DVDs of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

As the Father continues to speak of Satan, and his origins and his fears and his choices for evil, and as the Father continues to show us more about evil in its nature, the enemy is angrily opposing us. If you look into what the Father is revealing about Satan's fears and about Satan's fall, you too will likely experience his attacks. (See Silvana's sketch of Satan's fears below.) He will attack your feelings particularly, to make you feel worthless and to make your situations feel hopeless. This is war, and one of the end results will be the capture of this wicked being, and in the meantime we stand with the Father and continue to look at all that He reveals. Satan is also attacking our supplies, to keep us from moving forward with Jesus' will for this day and hour. The fields are ripe for harvest; the pictures and the Passion of the Christ are like rare gold in the hands of the receiver, and any way that the enemy can interfere, he is. Please pray also for us, and if you can help Jesus by helping us in any way, please do. We want to say thank you to those who do support us, who have donated to us on an ongoing basis. Thank you and God bless you. Together we are loving our Bridegroom Jesus and doing the will of the Father.

We also wanted to let you know that on the last three shows on our local cable tv show we discussed the latest posts to our mailing list: Hurricane Katrina and judgment in New Orleans, the nature of evil, and Israel and the withdrawal from Gaza. We now have a DVD available with these three shows (minus the music) with Char Tierney speaking. We would be happy to send a copy to anyone who is interested. As always, there is no charge for the DVD, however, we would appreciate any help with postage that you can give to us as we mail it to you.

In Jesus, our powerful King, who is on His way to earth,
Will you serve Him?

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
October 4, 2005