Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Satan's three fears

This is a drawing of Satan's fear, drawn by Silvana Lupetti. The Father is continuing to reveal on a daily basis more about Satan and about evil. He showed Silvana three fears that Satan has: fear of discovery: that it will be shown that he is not equal in power to God, that the reason he left the Father is selfish and petty, that he has fears at all, and that he is no longer a perfect being. Another fear is that of being bound. If he can be bound, then it means that someone is more powerful than he is. His pride fears being bound, like a common criminal - being taken to face the sentence pronounced on him. His third fear is that of being undone. He has relied on the mercy of the Father, and not allowed himself to look at the fact that he will face death without resurrection. Over the millenia, he has seen many die, yet they are eternal. He has banked on this, but it is being forced on him that he will face extinction if he does not turn. And as we all can see, he is continuing his raging war against the Father and the earth, so death - the second death - lies ahead for him. The lake of fire consumes entirely, and unmakes what has been made. Satan's most powerful fear is that of being undone.