Sunday, August 28, 2005

What Satan saw in the river

Here is a sketch that Silvana drew of what Satan saw as he looked into the river of evil, as described in the earlier audio blog. He desired the power he saw, so he drank. Like a serial killer, he lusted after the power to take life or not take life. Each evil does have power: fear brings power to those who wield it as a weapon, and hate brings power to those who endulge in it. It is power, but it is not an eternal power; only God has eternal power.
The following drawing is from Lydia, the four year old daughter of Felicia. Lydia is the girl who asked her mommy if she could fill her backpack with pictures of Jesus so she could give one to everyone at preschool. It is a self-portrait of Lydia with Jesus. See how loving Jesus is as He holds her hand. He loves us just the same as He loves little Lydia. Jesus, please bless Lydia, and all who love you. Thank you, for holding our hands. Help us to stand in the whirlwind of war which surrounds us - to stand for you and with you.