Monday, August 15, 2005


The Father was speaking of Israel today, and we are praying for them, as we know you must be also. He showed that it is His will for them to withdraw from Gaza, because one day there will be a dual state there, but this is very hard for many Jews to accept or believe. They cannot understand how the Father could possibly have them give up their land, and they do not believe that He wants them to do so. They should ask Him, because He will tell them that they need to do so. He said today that it is like it was in Jeremiah's day, when that prophet spoke for Him and said that the Jews should surrender to Nebuchadnezzar's forces. They did not believe him. The Father told Jeremiah to take a deed to his land and safeguard it, to show the people that they would indeed return to their land, but the only way to get there was to surrender. (Jeremiah 32) Those who did not surrender would be killed and those who did surrender would be carried off in captivity, but they would be watched over by the Father and eventually return, which is exactly what happened.

The Father said also that this is also as it was in Jesus' day, when many Jews were zealots. Zealots believed that Rome should not be in Israel and that the Father wanted to rescue them from this situation. They looked for a Messiah to save them from Rome's occupation of Israel. However, this was not the plan of the Father. Zealots at that time did not know His will, but they assumed that they did and they believed with all their hearts that God would not want the cruelty of foreign Rome to have power over them.

The exact same situation exists today, where the Father shows that the settlers should withdraw from Gaza. Many Jews and Christians do not realize what the will of the Father is in concerning the withdrawal. The Rose Garden vision that President GW Bush laid out in 2002 is from the Holy Spirit. At the end there will be two states in Israel: Jewish and Palestinian. There will eventually be war between Israel and the Palestinians and their supporters, and the survival of the Jews will depend upon the wall, which the Father wants Israel to finish building. Some people assume that God would not want nor allow the Palestinians to establish themselves in Israel, but they are mistaken. One time in speaking of the Palestinians, Jesus said, "My cousins". These descendants of Abraham, through Isaac and through Ishmael, will one day have peace between them, as the Father sees. In Jeremiah's day the people did not understand the will of the Father. They should have believed the prophet Jeremiah when he told them what the Father showed him, or they should have asked the Father themselves. Because what was being said to them was contrary to what they wanted, and contrary to what they thought the Father wanted, they refused to believe it.

It is hard to blame the settlers for their strong feelings. They lived and worked and established themselves in the midst of terrorist threat. Benjamin Netanyahu wrote a strong article in which he outlines the reasons why he resigned in protest from Prime Minister Sharon's government because of the withdrawal. He warned that in the past there have been "peace for land" deals, but that this is a "land for nothing" agreement. The Palestinians get the land, but what does Israel get? He also pointed out that the wall is not finished and that the Gaza Strip offers access to a port on the Mediterranean Sea, which will give the Palestinians the ability to receive weapons unnoticed from foreign nations, such as Syria. His arguments are powerful and well thought out, and in the natural realm they make great sense. However, the Father sees the future and He knows what is coming. It is He who is at war with Satan, the enemy of the whole world, and the war over Israel is the final one that will lead to Jesus' return. The Father knows best what needs to be done, and one thing that must be done is the completion of the wall, and the withdrawal of Israelis behind it. It will save their lives in the end, if they persevere in standing against the onslaught that comes against them, and if they repent of their long rejection of God's Son, and ask God for help in Jesus' name, the Messiah who truly can save them. (And has already saved them from their sin, though they do not yet acknowledge it.)

Of course the enemy is pushing strongly for violence and unrest among the Jews. It is like a tinderbox in the region, with the potential for fire all around. Satan is particularly eager for Israeli on Israeli violence. We are praying earnestly for the Jews to resist this, and for the Holy Spirit to pour oil on the troubled waters. He can help them, if they will respond. The demons that we saw in Israel earlier this year, those strongmen who are low to the ground, are moving among the people, inciting to anger and violence, but the people should resist the feelings and anger which is stirred up, and not raise violent hands one to another.

After watching the news, and seeing in the Spirit about Israel and about Satan's plans and movements, I felt greatly concerned about the whole situation, and I went to the Father. I said to Him, "I am worried", He reached out, in the Spirit, and He put His hand gently on my face and cradled my cheek. "Don't worry", He said.

Then He showed me more from His perspective on the situation: He pointed out that the number 17 (August 17: the legal deadline for the withdrawal) signifies a beginning. The Father said, "It is the beginning of the end". This is the beginning of the Father's final fight with Satan that will lead to Satan's capture and confinement for the thousand years that has been foretold by the Holy Spirit by the Holy Scriptures.

In the Spirit, I saw a hook to ensnare Satan, which will lead him on the path that leads to the eventual end. The bait on the hook (which opens doors) was the Gaza territory. The hook led to Jerusalem and the battle for that city. Satan has said "Jerusalem is mine", but the Holy Spirit answers firmly, "Jerusalem is eternal". (He adds that it is Mecca which will be no more.) Jerusalem is eternal for it is above, as the Scriptures show, yet Jesus will return with that heavenly city when He comes to deliver Israel and the world from Satan's hand. The natural city may be destroyed, but the eternal city cannot be harmed by Satan and his forces, whether spiritual or deceived ranks of mankind.

The Father also showed the following: Why have Jews universally refused to return to their Father, who is their God? Why does He not speak to them as He spoke to Abraham and Moses and the prophets? Why have they placed themselves in the camp of Satan, who is the god of their enemies? Because of their ongoing, determined rejection of Jesus. They teach their children to reject Jesus, just as those of Islam teach against Jesus and raise their children to reject Him. How can the Father get them out of the camp of Satan and cause them to return to Him, who is their Creator and who views them as the Apple of His Eye?

What is dear to the heart of the Jew and what more than anything in existence could reach them? What is sacred and dear to the heart of every Jew is the city of Jerusalem, the city of David. When that city is struck, as eventually it will be, then will they be pierced, even as Jesus was pierced. The veil over their eyes will be ripped, from top to bottom, like the veil in the temple when Jesus died, and if they respond by crying out to God, He will help them. He will say to them, "I will deliver you from your enemies, but you must no longer reject My Son, your Messiah." When they call out to Him in Jesus' name, Jesus will return to the earth and Satan will be bound.

The Father said that it has become like it was in the time of Jesus' ministry on earth. The Father and Satan are engaged in a great war over mankind, over good and evil, and over Israel. The war will not end until Satan is captured and mankind at last has freedom from that malevolent power who became the god of this world and filled this world with his evil actions. The Father will not draw back. He is with us and will remain to help us until the very end. In a sense, it is the Father's ministry in the earth today. A suggestion to you from an apostle: re-read THE FATHER SPEAKS OF THE WAR ON TERROR AND EVIL. Reading this will remind you of the heart of the Father, and put you on the same page as He is. Then, talk to Him about what is in those powerful prophecies, which came through His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, and get accustomed to hearing His voice to you. Then, talk to Him of the powerful events on the earth, so you can see that He is active on our behalf, though Satan is determined to kill and destroy and deceive. The great calling away will not come until Jerusalem and Rome have been struck, and those who are taken will be those who hear Jesus voice, and love Him and obey His will. They are those who are acting as a Bride to the Groom who always heard the Father and did His will, even to the point of death.

Father, we come to You in Jesus' name. Please do not let there be terrible bloodshed on the 17th and as the withdrawal continues. Send your powerful Holy Spirit to help the settlers, who feel so deeply the injustice in being forced to move. Do not let the enemy have the death that he desires. Please send swiftly to Israel the prophet with the spirit of Stephen who will speak strong and true words from You. Help the settlers. Show them the wisdom in withdrawal and in two states, and help them with their legitimate feelings of dismay. We know that You honor their courage and fortitude, yet now is the time to be led by You and what You see is right. God bless Israel, and God bless all who love Your Son, our beloved Bridegroom, Jesus.