Friday, September 11, 2009

Where we (OJP) were on 9/11/01

In August of 2001, the Heavenly Father told us to travel to California to the Pacific Ocean to be baptized. We said we would go and made preparations for the trip. About a week later, the Holy Spirit said to us, "Be baptized for the dead". We agreed, and then we asked people to pray for us, because we did not know what the Holy Spirit meant in asking such an unusual thing.

In September, 2001, we went to Morro Bay, California and stayed at the Morro Bay State Park. On the way there, the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "Rachel, weeping for her children, for they are no more". We understood by this that there was a tragedy in connection to the baptism, but we still didn't know what was coming.

On September 10, 2001, in the evening, while at the State Park, the Holy Spirit said, "Go down in the morning and be baptized for the dead". In the morning, we were waiting on the Holy Spirit, and preparing to go into the water, and then return home to New Mexico, when we heard the news that America was under attack. It was with rejoicing in the foreknowledge and love of God, that we went into the water and were baptized for the dead, all who were killed in the terrorist attacks in New York, and Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.
Never think that the Father isn't involved in what is happening in the world. He sees and He acts, and the whole world will be called to account before the return of Jesus to this earth.

In March of 2002, I saw a documentary about 9/11, made by two brothers from France. In the documentary, they mentioned Father Michael Judge, the Chaplain to the NY fire department, who lost his life at the Twin Towers. Suddenly, I saw a vision from the Holy Spirit: I saw the Heavenly Father standing at the top of a corridor from earth to heaven. He had his arms outstretched towards the earth, towards the Twin Towers. I saw the Heavenly Father call out to Father Michael and then I saw Father Michael travel up through the corridor to the side of the Father. Father Michael reached the top of the corridor, turned around, and stood by the side of the Heavenly Father, and together they stretched out their arms towards the earth, and then I saw souls begin to ascend through the corridor towards that heavenly country.