Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Father with a knockout: the spirit of murder in Mexico

By the Holy Spirit, I saw a boxing ring. I saw someone in the ring, dancing around and boxing the air. They were dressed in boxing gear, with a cape. They looked ready to fight and confident in their abilities. Suddenly, I saw the Father step up to the ring and step over the ropes. He took one step to the boxer and felled them with one punch. He hit the boxer in the side of the head and they collapsed onto the floor. The Father then stepped out of the ring.

The next day, we were talking about the spirit of murder that Silvana Lupetti saw in Mexico several years ago. We were traveling in New Mexico around 1997, and she pointed across from El Paso into Mexico (towards Juarez) and said, "A powerful spirit of murder is there". As we were discussing Silvana saying this in the past, and how true it has proven to be by the many murders in the area (a news article the other day said, "Juarez, where the most murders happen in the country of Mexico, 1400 this year alone") I suddenly saw the spirit of murder raise up to look at us as we spoke of him and his lethal works. I saw his brazen attitude: he said, "you will never overcome me". Suddenly I remembered the Father knocking out the boxer in one punch and I wondered if He means He will do this to the spirit of murder in Mexico. Man does his wicked deeds, but nothing like the wickedness he carries out with the help of the enemy. If the invisbile enemy is removed, man will be much more easily overcome, by law officials, or those who stand against wickedness.

Yes, Father, come against the wicked spirit of murder in Mexico and bring freedom to the people there and their families who have suffered so greatly as the years have passed under this cruel demon strongman.