Thursday, September 17, 2009


Watching news last night about President Obama siding with communist dictators against Democratic Honduras, and today news that Pres Obama cancelled the missile defense shield in Eastern Europe; announcing this on the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland. America, what have you done?

These events and the corruption we see emerging reminds me of a prophecy from Silvana Lupetti given in 2000. Here is the portion that strikes me the deepest because it is so so grievous and unfortunately so factual: Those who lived in darkness now come into the light with their corruption, and have no shame. And don't we see that this is true, as the corrupt emerge into the light to claim they are not corrupt, that there are reasons for their evil. We see the corruption in government, and a refusal to print or speak the truth by the old media, as they rush to defend corruption for politic's sake. Those who are corrupt have come into power, as foretold. America, what have you done?


Oh, nation under God, you will not stand.
Oh, second Eden, you will not remain.

What you have thrown away
goes back to the foundation
which is God and you will not
hold on to what you were given.

Those who lived in darkness now come
into the light with their corruption,
and have no shame. They steal what was born
on a green field called Lexington.

Run to Goshen,
those who loved the land of the free,
your freedom has been taken.
Run to Goshen,
the heavenly country is your new land.

The Holy Spirit said of RUN TO GOSHEN, "There is a dual meaning to this prophecy, and one meaning is dependent on the other." The first meaning of the phrase, "You will not stand" is the Holy Spirit lamenting that the people of the United States will not stand for what is right. If they do not stand, then the second meaning to the phrase will become, "You will not stand, but will fall". First it is a lament, second it is a prophetic warning.

The borders of Goshen are miracles. No borders on earth, no matter how heavily guarded, no matter how impenetrable they may seem, cannot be crossed. But the borders of Goshen are set by God, and no enemy, mortal or spirit, can cross. Jesus is the Goshen now to seek. And when within the borders, safety is certain.