Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Welcome to Amina ABAYO Ruth

Hi! Char, Therese and Silvana,
I am so glad to greet you today and telling you about the day! The baby is right now named. Many children came and gave different names it was good! some said about Gail, Christiana, Didi, Mimi, Mami and so others but the name of baby now are Amina ABAYO Ruth! Amina means Amen like in Bible.
ABAYO deeperly means (God knows his people) as it written in the holy Bible in 2 Timothy 2: 19a I remember when I was praying in the night of 3 July 2006 I heard a special voice telling me "I AM TOGETHER WITH YOU"and I could not understand! Now I could understand the voice of that voice. God knows us we his people! The name ABAYO! About RUTH it is fantastic! Very good name of loyality and many blessings I have read about RUTH. How she was loyal and humble and lovely attached to her mother in law Naomi after their father in law death and their husbands' but after it was blessing for her!! Thank you Father for this name! We thank you a lot! The children have taken Jesus' pictures and some of their mothers did so! they were so happy with Jesus Pictures! We thank you for this work!
Pastor Jean