Saturday, September 02, 2006

The new website is posted!

We have the new website posted! By the Holy Spirit, we posted the site at nine in the evening on 9-01-06. The Father said in the morning, "It is 9-1, the beginning (the number 1) of nine." Nine is the number that is used to represent man with fruit: evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Fruit is lives changed. Fruit is obedience to the Father, and a relationship with Him. Nine is human beings standing against evil because they know the truth and will not leave it. The world, with America in the lead, will be forced to stand, because Satan will bring the fight to us. He is filled with murderous rage.
When Silvana was crying out to the Father against Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela) the other night, I saw the Father respond to her. I saw Him stand up as she was crying out to Him, and say something to a troop of angels who were there. Immediately they got up and left, and I believe they were being sent to Venezuela.
I can see by the Holy Spirit that plans against America are being made "behind our back". It is from the Father that Fidel Castro is not at full strength right now. Although he doesn't wield much power world-wide, he is strategically situated to cause harm to us. If he was well, he would be an avid plotter against us. There are treacherous plans against America being made, some of which will cause us great harm. However, the victory is certain. No one can overcome us, for the Father is with us and He will fight for us, and He will defend Israel. The battles ahead will usher in the return of Jesus.