Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A dream and an email

Praise the Lord Apostle Charlotte Tierney, This is Matthew. I wanted you to interpret for me this dream because it inspired me so much in my Spirit. I got a dream when I was standing in the big field holding a lot of Jesus pictures in my hand, then I saw a multitude of people coming close to me shouting, then instantly the Power of God lifted me up in the space above their heights. I found myself bending down in the space supplying them Jesus pictures, when I have a very long hand giving them. They were squeezed, fighting while putting up their hands to get pictures, so in that process I heard their voices: some saying "And me too", others saying "And me give me too". After that operation I saw some one snapping me with the people, in that state of receiving Jesus pictures. Immediately I saw that snap but when its so beautiful. I wake out of the dream. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

What a wonderful dream! Thank you, Father for this dream. The dream is about the days ahead and what is true in the Spirit. The free pictures of Jesus are a tool for the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus to many, many people and they will want them. It is the Holy Spirit who is with us to give them out. This is why He lifted you up - into the spiritual realm, to show you were in Him - to give them. People need the pictures, they need Jesus. The field is the field of earth. We often dream of this field also, as Jordan Cooper dreamt recently. It is where there is a battle raging between God and Satan over mankind and the pictures are a wonderful tool in God's hands.

It is clear that the Father wants us all to give out the free pictures of Jesus, all over the world. Contact us for free pictures of Jesus, or contact us for information about ordering pictures from the printer for yourself. 5000 pictures costs approximately $500, plus shipping. For that price, the printer prints the pictures on card stock, puts a sealant on them, and cuts the pictures into individual pictures. The more you purchase at one time, the better the price is per picture.

Once you start to give out the pictures, the Holy Spirit will draw near so He can lead you (in your thoughts about what to do with them - give ideas, and in where you go - timing to bring you across people that the angels have arranged to be in your path) then, you will start to hear Him clearer because He is so near.

He will help you to start to recognize His voice more and more, so you can serve Him with joy, and develop a deeper and deeper relationship with Him. I can tell you, that the foundation of the relationship is Him: and He loves the world. Sometimes we get sidetracked into thinking that it is all based on the fact that He loves us. That He loves us is solid and eternal and we can trust Him totally with that, but if we put ourselves before the world, then we don't really have a realistic view of Him and who He is. He has a world to save. The war on terror is part of the global fight for the sake of the world. When we win this war, it will be over. Jesus will have returned, and how wonderful that will be! Isn't it amazing and scary to see Israel in such danger? And America facing danger too. We know this was foretold and we can see events unfold that were described thousands of years ago, but it would be very unnerving if it wasn't that the Father is behind it all, and that Jesus WILL return.