Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Commentary on THE FOUR STONES

As Silvana was speaking about seeing the Father, gathering the stones and putting them toether to build a bridge, I saw something about the significance of the names that were shown to her. Silvana said that at first when she saw the names in the stones that she wondered if they might be made from gravestones, simply because of the way that the names looked as they were etched into the stone. She said each name was a beautiful carving. The names on the stones are names of people from the world, written in the Bible, in the record of the history of this earth and there is a particular reason, or reasons, why the Father picks each one.

The first name on a stone that Silvana saw is Esther, the Jewish queen who married the non-Jewish ruler. The book of Esther is the 17th book in the Old Testament. I saw a spirit associated with each of the first four names, as though it were a spirit from or of the Holy Spirit Himself. The spirit connected with Esther was the Spirit of Courage. Esther risked her life. The threat to her was real. She well knew that she may not survive, yet she acted. Would you speak out in defense of Israel if you knew that you might be killed? So, in the foundation of the bridge is courage.

The second name that Silvana saw is Malachi. Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. There is a span of time between Malachi, the end of the Old, and Matthew, the beginning of the New, which is the accounting of Jesus and His life and death and resurrection, and those who believed in Him. So Malachi is a bridge representing bringing together what the Father did in the past with the Old Testament and what He did in the New Testament. I also saw a spirit associated with the name Malachi. Malachi speaks of the tithe. The spirit that I saw was a spirit of support of God's will and God's people. The Spirit of Tithing. The Father does not only want His people to talk a good story but He wants them to act - to put their resources where He Himself is acting. Jews all over the world need to support Israel. Christians must support Israel.

The third spirit I saw was associated with Stephen: the Spirit of Boldness. Stephen knew the truth and he spoke up, even though he was facing a crowd of angry Jews who had rejected Jesus as Messiah. Later, his words had great effect on the Apostle Paul, who was present with the crowd (holding their coats) who ended up murdering Stephen.

Courage under threat of death, tithe (support) for the war and the threat to Israel, and boldness to stand for the truth, no matter what the consequences are to self: these attributes are needed, and these attributes flow freely from the Holy Spirit. ... to be continued