Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Today we are preparing more packets of pictures to mail out. Here are the nations to which we are sending pictures of Jesus: USA, BULGARIA, RWANDA, NIGERIA, MALTA, ENGLAND, INDIA (I will be sure to send extra because of the train bombings today), SRI LANKA, UKRAINE, BRAZIL, RUSSIA, GHANA, SOUTH AFRICA, THE NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, and France. Thank you so much to Dana, Felica, and Suzanne S for making this mailing possible by providing the money for postage.

One of the places in France where we are sending pictures (I think we have about six requests from France) is the city of Dunkirk. We are also sending pictures today (larger ones) to Dog the Bounty Hunter in Hawaii, whom Felicia met up with on July 4th at Pearl Harbor. I find it interesting that the Father is sending pictures to two such significant places (Dunkirk, France and Pearl Harbor) from World War II. A door is opening to America to stand as our heroic fathers and grandfathers did when the world was threatened by Hitler and his allies in an earlier generation. Did you know that there was a protest yesterday with people and signs outside of the New York Times building; a rally held by people tired of their treasonous articles?

The Father has continued to show about the building of a bridge, from Old Testament to New, to Israel. The prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, has been describing all that she sees and we will be posting that in the days ahead. It is so interesting and powerful. The Father is doing all the building Himself. Today on FoxNews I saw a segment that was about the fact that Jews for Jesus are being sued to remove their logo. I saw a woman, Susan Perlman, say the following: "Jews for Jesus are Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah". When she said it, I saw it go out in the spiritual realm by the Holy Spirit. Pray for Israel and for the whole world. JESUS IS THE MESSIAH.

Today Therese and I taking Jordan into Albuquerque to get his cast removed. We are so glad about that. For six weeks he had a green cast on his arm, (following ten days or so with a purple one) supported by a sling around his neck. Of course we are taking pictures of Jesus with us to pass out everywhere we can at the hospital.