Sunday, September 03, 2006


Pastor Jean in Rwanda has translated JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into French. Thank you, Pastor Jean and God bless you and your family. We now have English, Kinyarwandan, French, Ewe, and Swahili tracts to send to Africa, telling each person that if they talk to Jesus, He will talk to them. They can get to know Him, their Creator, just by talking to Him and listening. For this, we were all created.

Pastor Jean sent us an email to tell us that he was finished with the translation, and he mentioned that he finished the translation on a computer that was rented. It cost $9 to finish it. Silvana and Therese and I were just talking by the Holy Spirit about the number nine and what the Father is showing about it, and here came this email in which the pastor mentioned the number again. One more sign from the Father that what He is showing us is accurate.

It is accurate because it has meaning. The number nine means something deep to the Father and His plans for mankind. He wants fruit from the whole earth. Yesterday, the Father told us to take the statue of Jesus that we have in the front and to put a rock underneath it, to lift Jesus up higher. Now Jesus is on two rocks; the one that was under him already, that represents the United States, and now a second rock that represents people with a new spirit, with fruit. People who know good from evil and love good.