Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Brother Joseph and Believers Ministries

Hello Char, Silvana, Therese, & everyone at OJP, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The package that you sent on May 22, containing "Hooked on Phonics" learning materials, Pictures and tracts have arrived. We were informed of its arrival yesterday by the Post office, and we are required to pay "postal & custom duties" of equivalent of US$12. They told us that they are charging because the package contains some materials that have commercial value! We are still down financially and strugling to get our daily needs, so we pray that you would be able to help us to retrieve this package.
With another small fellowship, we are preparing for a revival outreach programme this coming weekend at a village called Afifekope where we are starting a new home fellowship. We are expecting to see many people repentant and decide to become followers of Jesus. Please join with us for God's Glory and presence and power to be revealed, so that the name of Jesus will be Glorified!
Last week, in a village about 60Km away from here, we found a whole building & farmland consisting about 5 rooms, and a backyard farmland (about the size of 2 soccer fields) for rent. We consulted the landlord, after series of discussion, he decided to consider and reduce the rent to us in the cost of GHC300,000 per month(this is almost half of the normal rent), and required a minimum advanced payment covering 2 years period. Making a total of GHC7,200,000 for the 2 years, ie approximately US$780. The good thing about this property is that it has farmyard in which we can raise crops for our consumption and for sales. And it can contain all our families. We pray and trust Lord Jesus Christ, that He will make a way and provide the resources for it.We hope that this is what the Father have prepared for us, and we must follow His ways and instruction. If we are blessed with any amount from US$100, we can deposit it with the Landlord to make sure that he will keep the property for us so that someone else will not go and rent this good property while we ask Jesus for resoures.
May God be with you all as you live each day for Him! As usual, extend our greetings, love and thanks to your families and to the brethren there at Operation Jesus Pictures. We look forward to hearing from you.Your brother,
Joseph & the brethren in the Believers Ministries