Thursday, September 07, 2006

He sees all, He suffers all

An email we received and the answer from Char Tierney:
I was reading the prophecies in God's Warning to the Church
and the whole thing made me feel low:

Reading what the Father said to the church is very sobering. That particular series of prophecies through Silvana Lupetti was given in 1990 and that Warning was in the Spirit, over the Church, for ten years. If you were in church during this time, you would have heard warnings from individuals with similar words as the Holy Spirit moved on them, because that is the Warning that the Holy Spirit was giving, which was mostly ignored by the main body of the church. The Holy Spirit was saying these truths and who can deny it: we should be chained to the foot of the cross. We should remember that it was Jesus' blood that bought our restoration to the Father. The sermon for the day should be Jesus on the cross. It isn't that Jesus wants us to feel bad, but there is a world dying out there, and we can't be shallow and self-absorbed when He gave so much for them and for us and that is the point of the warning: love one another. Love the world, love each other, love Jesus, and act.

And judgment is coming to the church. It draws nearer every day. Of course the Father loves the lambs within the church, just as He loves the people outside the church. However, there is an enemy whose middle name is Brutality and his actions have brought deep, deep suffering, wounds, and pain to people all across the world. We are at war with this terrible being, and if the church does not care, who will?

This is why the prophecies are necessary: to warn the church and reprove them and urge them to come back to Jesus, the Head of the Church, who DIED so people can be free and can be restored to the Father.

I am working on the rest of the prophecies that were given since that first series. There are more prophecies to the church, ending on May 13, 2000, when the Father said, "Take the crosses down from the churches without love". At that time He promised to go around the church, and He has done so: the response to 9/11 was not through the church (by a believer, but not through the church) THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was not through the church. Again, it was put out by a believer in Jesus, but not through the church. The pictures of Jesus that we give out, that are such a powerful tool for the Holy Spirit, also did not come through the church, but by the Father and through us, who love Jesus and are serving Him with joy.

I will be posting another series of prophecies that is addressed to the world, to all mankind. And it is to all mankind that Jesus shall return. The day of His return swiftly approaches. And as the day approaches, the warfare intensifies, and so we who love Jesus must set aside our childlike and innocent view of the church and the world for the sake of the battles that rage around us, to which we are called. Our childlike view will be restored to us in eternity, when our tears will be wiped away by our loving God, and innocence returned to our spirits. The knowledge in the tree in the Garden of Eden was the knowledge of good and evil. The Father understands that it is painful to look into these things, that is why He had the tree guarded. But He always intended for us to be His Bride, which is His helpmeet, His helper, so He always intended for us to come to maturity and to see what He sees.

I am working on getting the rest of the prophecies posted on the site. Then everyone can read them and see the truth and take them to the Holy Spirit, and then move on with what the Father is doing now. He has the church on the back burner, while He goes about the business of preparing the world for the return of His Son.
In Jesus, our Friend, and soon coming Bridegroom,

By the Holy Spirit, the Father's prophet, Silvana, has been looking into evil that has occurred in the earth, by this evil being with whom we are at war. It is a suffering to look. This morning I was awake early in the morning and I was waiting on the Father and I was praying for Silvana because of the pain of looking into evil.

And as I was praying for her I saw something from the Father. I saw Him raise His eyes and look across the earth: I saw evil being done and I saw the Father's heart as He bore it, and she bore it with Him. I saw how greatly He values her support. Then, I saw the view from His eyes as He looked at all the earth: I saw a softness and beauty in the spirit of people who are coming to the truth: people all over the earth who value freedom, who reject and abhor the murderous evil that is being done by some who think that it is the will of God. And there was hope present in what I saw in the Spirit, hope that more and more will change and come to the truth and live there, never to leave. And it was early in the morning when I saw this, and it was as though the Father showed me that this is His morning, this is what He wakes up to everyday in a sense, the whole world and what is believed and what is done there. (He wasn't showing me that He sleeps, for He doesn't, but that this is what morning is like for Him.)

And I remembered something that He said years ago, in the days that the Warning to the Church was given: He made a comment, and He repeated it, until it was said three times with emphasis, about people "turning their eyes away, and turning their face away, and turning their heads away", and we saw how true this is and how we do this to Him. We don't want to see the evil in the earth, we don't want to see the sin or fault in others, and so we turn away. We don't want to judge, and we don't want to know the truth, because it is hard to bear and also because it makes us accountable, so we turn away. And Silvana was describing this from His perspective, because He never turns away. He sees all, He suffers all.