Monday, July 31, 2006

More about Mel Gibson

I was thinking this morning of what I saw when I saw the Father the other day and His reaction to the news that Mel Gibson had made the anti-semite comments. I heard the Father groan in pain, and He threw His arms back. It looked almost as though He was being crucified. I thought at the time, "Is He showing that this is to re-crucify Christ?" I don't know, but I know He was clearly showing a connection with crucifixion, maybe just the pain and the scope of His own suffering. I also saw Satan gloating. This is war between God and Satan, and this is a blow that Satan inflicted.

It was Satan who personally pushed Mel into this situation. Mel has a problem with what he feels, and has always had this problem with deep feelings. This is why he drinks. Because Mel believes in Jesus, but doesn't talk to Him, he has not had these feelings answered, so he is not free, not healed. (This type of wounds will all be healed in paradise, in heaven. However, they can be healed on earth, especially as you talk to Jesus about what you feel. He will continue to show you the depths of yourself, and bring you towards the truth in all things. He really does love you. In the meantime, Satan moves easily on feeling and thoughts, and manipulates people through them.) Because of Mel's Catholic background, he leans towards believing in peace, sometimes at all costs. So, he faults Israel for not making peace, not putting a cease-fire into place. As Satan was on him, pushing him, he was in an angry, belligerent place, which caused him to make the disgraceful comments that he did, which was Satan's intent.

Last night Silvana came to my room and she was praying against the enemy because of this strike through Mel, and I saw the great power that accompanied her words in the Spirit. That the enemy smirks and gloats over this is offensive. Join her in praying for the Jews at this time, and against the evil one who takes such pride in anything that will separate man from God. The timing of this strike was aimed directly at what the Father is promising of bringing the Jews to Jesus. The Father will do what He has promised, but this is war, and pain will come through Satan's actions, Satan's strike. Pray earnestly for the Jews. Right now they need friends and if they cannot count on Christians, then they are truly alone, except for the Father. It is because there are so many believers (Christians) and Jews in America that America supports Israel now, as we should.

Speaking of Catholicism, the new Pope has also come out with an immediate cease-fire statement for the Israeli-Hezballah situation, which shows a lack of understanding of the will of God. The Pope, and many Catholics, have a predisposed belief in "peace". Jesus is the Prince of Peace. They should trust in Him and look for His peace, when He brings it. They do not take into account the doves that Pope John II put out the window as an expression of peace, who then flew back in the window, rather than taking the normal course of flying to their home, as they do by instinct. The Holy Spirit was making a point by having the birds not act according to instinct, and the point is this: (as He said to us at the time) THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR PEACE. Remember the time in Old Testament history when those who had taken the Ark of the Covenant sent the Ark back towards Israel on a wagon, with cows who had calves at home. Under normal circumstances the cows, when left to themselves, would go back to their calves, but they did not act on their normal instincts in this case, but on what angels around them were compelling them to do.