Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Letter from a sister in Jesus and more on Mel Gibson

Dear Char and Silvana, Here it is 3:01 AM and I can't sleep but there is much to pray about. The other day I had such a day! Planned by our Father, When I stopped at the Post Office there was a lady sharing the gospel with two men. I went in picked up my mail and on my way out she was still there. I stopped to chat with her and to thank her for her words to the two men. She had just returned from Israel.

She told me that she had taken a cab to see (Benny Hinn) but that the man dropped her off and wanted ten dollars for the trip. She told him that she only had $ 5.00 so she would write him a check. He wanted cash. So he took the $5.00. He left her at the wrong place. She was out of money so she prayed. Two men came up to her and stuffed her pockets full of money. She thinks they were angels.

So then she got a cab and as the driver drove along he asked her why she was in Israel. She told him that she wanted to tell him about Jesus. He told her was a Jew and that Jesus did not care about him. She told him that God loves him so much that He sent His son to die for Him. The man turned around to her with tears running down his face and said no one had ever told him that before.

She told him about Jesus and asked him if he wanted to pray and ask Jesus into his heart. He did right then and there. Praise the sweet name of Jesus. She is 87 years old and on fire for the Lord. I gave her a hug and we laughed and talked awhile. She said there is a real hunger in Israel for God. We must keep praying. I am sending the money so two Jewish people can leave Russia and fly to Israel to freedom. Praise be to Jesus.


THANK YOU, FATHER. Father, please bring good out of the terrible thing that happened with Mel Gibson. Earlier today I was outside, before the Father. I had been thinking about and praying about the situation, and what was said, and how Satan will exploit it (after he brought it about) and I was thinking about the fact that the Father said He will come to the Jews who are seeking Him (on the Sabbaths) and that they will feel His presence. So, I was praying for them. Then, while before the Father, I suddenly saw some Jews in the spirit. They were what you might call Hollywood Jews. They were gathered in a circle together. One had a cigar. There was not a good feeling among them. They felt hard and cynical.

They reminded me of the time that the Father sent Silvana and I (with Doug and Therese backing us up) into the Christian chat rooms for three days to stand against Satan there. On the third day, we couldn't even type. Blood was pooling up in Silvana's hands and legs from being at one of the computers, and standing in the Spirit, as we were from morning to night for the three days. We went to Christian chat rooms. Some were Catholic, some were Protestant. The spirit there was terrible. Unbelievers, who said horrible things and had no love, no belief. It was the unbelief that reminded me of the cynicism of these particular Jews.

As I saw this cirle of Jews, the Father spoke. He said, "I didn't mean them". Then, in the spirit, I saw some Israeli soldiers. It was soldiers like this who took the Israeli settlers from their homes when there was the withdrawal from Gaza. They wept together with the settlers, and prayed together. Then, the Father showed me that He will move on Jews, any of them, who have softer hearts, who are not so hard and set against the truth and against Him.