Sunday, April 23, 2006


Brother Kenneth Ezra is in Rwanda this weekend, dispersing the pictures of Jesus, with the help of a pastor in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Thank you, Father! In the Father's incredible timing, yesterday Paul Rusesabagina, the heroic former hotel manager of the Hotel Mille Collines in Kigali, who was featured in the movie, HOTEL RWANDA, came to nearby Albuquerque, NM, to promote his latest book. Doug and Therese Cooper went to the lecture to buy his book and Therese gave him a packet of pictures of Jesus, and the Kinyarwandan tract, JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and told him all about Brother Kenneth's mission in Rwanda, AND THE 5000+ pictures we had sent. He was very glad to hear about it all, and he said that Jesus is what they all need. Therese was wearing a laminated copy of Kenneth Ezra's ID card, which shows the flags of Uganda and the USA, and Kenneth's picture and the logo of OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES and she asked Paul if he wanted it and he said he did, so she took it off her neck, with the picture of Jesus and gave it to him. She showed him the tract of JESUS IS ALIVE and told him that we specifically made it for this trip to Rwanda. Paul said that for a long time he and his family were bitter, wondering where God was during it all, and then they came to more peace about it. He promised to give his family members pictures of Jesus and said he would give the others to everyone he meets. (We gave him 100 strung pictures, 100 nonlaminated glossy photo pictures that we normally send to prisoners, 100 of the small cards with Jesus' picture and our contact info, and 2 8x10s and 2 4x6 pictures.) What perfect timing of the Father!

GOD BLESS RWANDA and bring healing and peace and restoration among the people there. Father, bring them away from this wicked adversity against each other that the enemy fostered to such deadly results. Bring to them the truth that is true for all of us on earth: we are brothers, created with love by You, and there is no difference in cultures in humanity. Each person is a created being, loved by You, responsible for their own sin and actions, and yearned for by Your heart and Your Spirit. Jesus died for us all!

Here is a picture of Therese and Paul Rusesabagina as she gives him the packet of pictures of Jesus: