Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Greetings in Jesus' name. This last weekend, Brother Kenneth Ezra met with Pastor Francis in Rwanda and gave out the pictures of Jesus. Here is the letter we received from Brother Kenneth:

Hello there, its me, Kenneth, in Kigali-Rwanda the capital at 3:40 Rwandan time and am doing well on my second day in Rwanda. I am with Pastor Francis at an Internet cafe and I think he is also sending you an email.

I left Kampala-Uganda on Sunday morning at 2 am (night time) and I reached Rwanda Border at about 8:10 am - Crossing the border was at 8:45/46 am, However Uganda is one hour ahead of Rwanda. I was held at the border until 9:33 am when we got back onto the bus heading for Kigali-capital,Rwanda. The process of getting clearance at the border was quite tiresome; moreover it was raining all the way from Kampala. It was quite some unusual kind of rainfall and as we traveled all the way from Kampala, as every one was sleeping, since we were travelling at night, the SPIRIT OF THE LORD KEPT SAYING TO MY HEART--------"A BLESSING TO THE PEOPLE OF RWANDA++++A BLESSING TO THE COUNTRY RWANDA".

We reached Rwanda and it was still raining. I asked someone in Rwanda when I reached there: does it usually rain that way? and he told me that the rain of that particular day was more than the usual rainfall they experience, so my mind was right about the RAIN BEING A BLESSING AS THE FREE JESUS PICTURES HEADED FOR RWANDA.

I got off the Bus at a place/town called Nyabugogo, about 3 KM from Kigali capital. I then called the Pastor who sent someone to collect me. Before this person came, I had already started giving out the JESUS Pictures to the people around this town. I can sure tell you I made quite a number of friends within seconds and every one of them was receiving these pictures with incredible joy and happiness.

It was raining; but I did not care about the rain falling on me as I gave out the pictures to whoever I could set my eyes on. By the time I was picked up by the Pastor's friend in a taxi, I had managed to give out many of the pictures and THE JESUS LOVES YOU/KNOWS YOUR NAME Kinyarwanda version booklet. My mother had taken time off duty on Friday and together with some friends managed to fold several photocopied copies of the translated article.

Yesterday: Sunday, I reached the Pastor's Church in the morning and still gave out several pictures and article in Kinyarwanda. I was given a chance to address the congregation and on behalf of OPERATION FREE JESUS PICTURES I told them the Prophecy from the Father about Rwanda, and told them about you and the prophet Silvana and everything about Operation Free Jesus Pictures. They were so happy and welcomed me with so much love I felt like tears of joy coming.

Today: in the morning we visited a small kindergarten/nursery school which the pastor set up on a small basis. There are 53 children-3 years to 6 years - and they were so happy to receive the free pictures. I took pictures of them which I will send to you when I get to Kampala. I went to an Orphanage and a Hospital. I laid hands on the sick there and asked the Father to heal them by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. This evening we are going to Watch the PASSION OF CHRIST at the Pastor's Church, so many people have been told to come and many of them are eager to watch it. I have to go now but I will give you a detailed report when I get back to Kampala,. I am returning tomorrow to Kampala. I wish I could stay a little longer but I can't. The people here are so lovely and very friendly indeed. I felt I could stay here. All my love, they are so good people, Char, I love GOD. BLESS YOU ALL THERE, BYE.

Here is the letter we received from Pastor Francis in Rwanda:

Dear Char Tierney, Praise the God. Thank you to send to us Kenneth Ezra to bring free pictures of Jesus. We have gave to people and they happy and we need more, to day we are going to see passion of Christ at our church and we visited orphanage, hospital and school giving out pictures to people. It was my answer to have Ezra K here, and I know we God is going to help us as Rwandans through this free Jesus pictures. My Church name is Miracle Center, in Kigali, Rwanda. I will send more reports about me and work.

While Kenneth Ezra was in Rwanda with Pastor Francis: that very day, Paul Rusesabagina, who was the hotel manager of the Milles Collines in Kigali, which saved 1268 people during the genocide (as portrayed in HOTEL RWANDA) came to Albuquerque, NM, to promote his book about his experiences in those terrible days. The book is called, AN ORDINARY MAN. We highly recommend it, as you are looking into Rwanda for the sake of the Father and His heart towards those who were murdered there.

Doug and Therese Cooper went to Paul's lecture and bought his book, and Therese went up to talk to him afterwards and gave him a packet of pictures of Jesus, and included in the packet a copy of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME in Kinyarwandan. Mr. Rusesabagina said that Kinyarwandan was the first language that he learned. He put his hand on the picture of Jesus that Therese gave to him and said, "This is what Rwanda needs". He promised to give a picture to each of his family members, and he said he will give the other pictures out to others. Click here to see a picture of Therese talking to him. He was so glad when he heard that Kenneth Ezra was in Kigali that very day to distribute the pictures of Jesus.

I saw a vision earlier today. First, I saw the enemy opposing (as usual) and then, as we were speaking to Pastor Francis in Kigali, Rwanda today on the telephone, I saw as though we had pressed through some sort of defense, and we were in the heart of Rwanda. The Father has opened doors for us, to reach those brutally wounded people. Thank you, Father!

When the prophet of the Father, Silvana Lupetti, heard of the hard rainfall in Rwanda as Kenneth described as he went there, she said by the Holy Spirit, "There is much blood in the ground of that nation and the rain was to wash it away at the approach of the Father." Great good will come to Rwanda by the presence of the Holy Spirit there.

We will send the pictures from Kenneth or from the Pastor as soon as they arrive. Please pray now for Rwanda with your hearts. The Father is breaking down the barrier and coming in with healing in His wings. Today the Pastor said that on Sunday 200 people gathered at his church to watch the DVD that we sent to them of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and that the people wept as they watched it. When I watched THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, here in America, I found it appalling and graphically violent and I am sure you felt the same. I wanted to watch, because Jesus, whom I love, did indeed suffer what was portrayed in the film. Imagine being from Rwanda, where you have seen such horrors with your own eyes, and then watching Jesus being whipped and tortured. It must have been so painful, yet they must have felt as though He was one of them. And He is.

Pray for Rwanda. Do whatever you can to help them. Help us to send more pictures and more copies of THE PASSION to them. The pastor said that many people from the villages cannot come to Kigali to see the film, so he is going to travel to them to show the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and to distribute pictures of Jesus, which is exactly what the Holy Spirit wants him to do. Also, he is going to call a meeting of other pastors in Rwanda to let them know that the pictures of Jesus are available, and also the movie. So, pray for us and please help us to provide liberally to them, with what the Father wants with all His heart for them to have: HIS SON, JESUS.

In Jesus' lovely name,
Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
April 25, 2006

PS We are preparing a box of 5000+ pictures of Jesus to send to Pastor Francis today. We have received a request for pictures and the movie from another pastor in Rwanda who also travels in the Congo, so we want to prepare a package for him also. We will send another post to you soon about correspondence and pictures that we receive from Kenneth or others about this mission to Rwanda.