Friday, April 21, 2006


The pictures arrived in Uganda yesterday. Brother Kenneth Ezra picked them up at the post office and then went immediately to a lecture class at his college. Here is the beautiful letter we received from him today:

By GOD'S Grace a Friend to My Mother has connected Me To PASTOR FRANCIS OF A CERTAIN CHURCH in Kigali-RWANDA. I have sent him an e-mail telling him about my Plans while in Rwanda and in a nut shell i have told him about the GODLY Mission to Rwanda Through OPERATION FREE JESUS PICTURES, I have sent him your Website, He is expecting me tomorrow and He will Help me along as i Give out the Free JESUS PICTURES IN RWANDA, i have told him that he will accompany me to Hospitals, Opharnages, Prison, and even on the Streets. i think i will be there for Three Days.

If Possible, am trying to get Permission from My Supervisor here at the Hospital, i hope She allows me an extra one or two days away from work here; Otherwise You should have seen THE HAPPINESS ON ME AND MY MOTHER AS WE OPENED THE BOX LAST NIGHT, WE FIRST LAYED OUR HAND ON IT AND PRAYED TO THE FATHER TO BLESS WHATEVER WAS THERE AND TO MAKE IT "A FRUITFULL SEED" ON WHICHEVER "LAND IT WILL BE SOWED" So We Opened it and the Contents there in are Things THAT ALMOST SENT ME TO TEARS OF JOY-----THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU AT OPERATION FREE JESUS PICTURES, AM LOOKING For a way i Can Show my heart felt APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE but i don't know How really i can show You all what is in My Heart, I CAN ONLY ASK THE FATHER IN HEAVEN TO BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY, The PICTURES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, MY CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY IS SO BEAUTIFUL, THE IDENTIFICATION CARDS ARE STATE OF THE ART, YOU ARE TRULLY GIFTED AND TALENTED, Thank You So Much SISTER CHAR,I saw the Card JORDAN Designed for Kevina and also the 10$, i will be going to see Kevina late evening, i know She is going to be so Happy;

I can Imagine the Work You really Went through in Stringing all that number of Free Jesus Pictures, and Tell You What, My Mother Immediately Fell in LOVE with the PICTURES she Immediately Put on one around her Neck, She Must have Slept with It around her Neck, AND THEN THE MIRACULUOS HAPPENING----I HAVE ALWAYS TOLD YOU ABOUT MY STOMACH PROBLEMS- The Horrible Stomach discomfort i usually get Starts as soon as i wake Up in the Morning then at times it goes on that way the whole day BUT TO BE HONEST, SINCE I WOKE UP THIS MORNING UP TO NOW(10:45AM) I HAVENT FELT THE SLIGHTEST PAIN IN MY STOMACH, PRAISE BE TO THE FATHER, JESUS IS ALIVE TRULLY AND I CAN SEE THE MIRACLE SURROUNDING THESE PICTURES, I Can Just Imagine How JESUS IS GOING TO ENTER INTO RWANDA AND BRING A TREMENDOUS POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE THERE!
Well i have to Sign Out now and do some Work! Please Keep in Touch, GREETINGS To Sister CHAR and all the OTHERS-GOD BLESS YOU-I LOVE YOU ALL! Kenneth Ezra