Monday, April 17, 2006

Commentary on TWO STONE BOWLS

Char Tierney: As I was listening to Silvana recount the incredible vision given to her by the Father last night; when she got to the part where she mentions seeing Abel, by the Holy Spirit, I saw Abel. I saw him standing, and I saw his heart, which was wounded by this terrible thing done to him. And I saw that he should have been on earth. Good would have come from him all his life. He did not deserve being murdered. No one had the right to take his life from him; to remove him from the earth, where he would have lived and loved others, and had the life that was the gift of God to him. I saw how he does indeed stand at a portal and receive the murdered from the earth. It is fitting that the Father should assign this loving duty to him, because he can help others who suffer as he suffered. The pain that I saw in the heart of Abel is the pain that the Father feels as He looks over the whole earth and see murder upon murder.

The Holy Spirit has been showing these visions of the murdered gathering for several days now, culminating with this powerful vision that was shown to Silvana. Earlier among the gathering, I saw people who had been murdered by abortion. They were standing quietly in a group. They were so still that it seemed they were hardly there. I asked the Father why they were so quiet and I saw His answer: those who were murdered in Rwanda, had families and friends who cared. Those who were murdered in the Holocaust have survivors who mourn their tragic deaths. Others have police searching for their killers. But the aborted were killed by their own mothers. Because of this, it was as though they have no family, no one on earth. They were cut off from their aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins, because their own mothers rejected them from even coming onto the earth. They look towards the earth, towards the Day of the Murdered, silently. In the Spirit, I spoke to them. I told them that we (all of you and I, who love Jesus) are their family. They are our daughters, they are our sons, and we love them.

Another thing I saw as I was looking at the gathering a few days ago, was a group together of people murdered in the Holocaust, and then I saw Jesus approaching. The Jews who were killed during Hitler's mad reign, now know that Jesus is the Messiah. As Jesus neared them, they cried out with welcome and praise to Him. They parted (just as Silvana saw when the Father came to them) and Jesus went to the front of the gathering and looked towards the earth. I heard it said, "Where is your Bride?" and I saw a empty space next to Him for her. Are you ready? Are you acting? Have you laid down your life and the lives of your family, so you can concentrate on doing the Father's will? Are you giving pictures of Jesus to the despairing? Are you supporting those who are? Do you see what the Father shows and pray for the events and the people of earth?

We had a wonderful opportunity to send free pictures of Jesus to Rwanda, and as we told you on the web blog, we were opposed at every turn. Silvana, Therese, and I got sick, Doug was hospitalized with a life-threatening blood clot, (he is slowly recovering) Kenneth Ezra got malaria and stomach problems, Doris, who translated JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into Swahili, also got sick with malaria and stomach problems. We didn't have the money available to send the pictures by FedEx or another service that was hundreds of dollars, so we sent 5000+ pictures of Jesus through the US mail, which cost $110 and promised a three to five day delivery. The package of pictures was mailed on April 5, and left the USA on April 6th, but it has not turned up in the records in Uganda. I saw Satan dressed as a post office official opposing the pictures of Jesus. Later we realized that it was because the post office in Uganda has the wrong information about the package, so an employee there began telling Kenneth Ezra that the package has not arrived. As a consequence, the pictures will not be able to be delivered by Easter Day, as we had hoped. A few days before the time to leave for Rwanda, Kenneth Ezra got sick with the flu. He is still willing to take the package of pictures, with JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME translated into Kinyarwandan, on another weekend. As we looked to the Father about this, Silvana saw a vision of the pictures: she saw them in Kenneth's hand, and he held them out to someone. Then she saw a plant shoot up from the picture, as though vines were climbing, and it grew instantly, and there was a tree. The pictures are called "seeds", and the Father is showing that the seeds will bear fruit, and it will be swift and it will be supernatural. So, we ask you brothers and sisters, to please continue to stand and pray for the pictures being delivered to Rwanda and pray for each of us who has been sick.

The opposition of the enemy is real. The help of Jesus is real. A great battle rages over the whole earth. But what is our suffering compared to that of those gathered in the great crowd of people who have been murdered, and what is our suffering compared to Jesus? May we honor them, and honor Jesus, by our continued service to a God who gave everything, including His life, for us.

God bless you all, who love Jesus. Pray for us and for Operation: Jesus Pictures. We have many wonderful testimonies to share of pictures of Jesus that we have shared with others. We gave 1200 pictures with 1200 tracts (Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name in English and in Spanish) to the people walking a pilgrimage on Good Friday in New Mexico: The walk to Chimayo. If we get any pictures of the walk, we will post them online.

The Holy Spirit says, "Rent, buy, borrow, watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Each person should watch it alone, just them and Jesus, and each person should show it to others." As was said by Pope John Paul II, "It is as it was". As we see the gathering of the murdered, and we see the Father's heart for them, let us watch the murder of Jesus, as portrayed in this anointed movie, and love Him, and talk to Him, and lay down our lives for Him in response to the war raging around us, and in response to His love for us.

With love in Jesus,

Char Tierney