Sunday, April 16, 2006



Today is the day before Easter, which the Father has called: THE DAY OF THE MURDERED. Today the Father showed me a vision of Himself. This is what I saw.

First I saw the Appian Way in Rome, which is a long paved road that goes back before Jesus came to the earth. At one time, slaves revolted against Rome and were captured, and the Romans crucified between 4,000 to 6,000 of them along the Appian way, leaving them there to rot. But I saw them alive, walking to the gathering of the murdered. I saw the vast numbers of all the murdered over time, walking toward an immense gathering.

I saw the Holocaust victims, I saw the whole village of the Kurdish people that Saddam Hussein killed with chemical weapons, which was around 5,000 men women and children, I saw those murdered in April 1994, the genocide in Rwanda, where almost a million people were murdered in 100 days, I saw Abel, who was killed by his own brother, Cain, and I saw many many others. Abel, the first person murdered on this earth, was standing by a portal, to receive the murdered who come from the earth. I saw the last person murdered on earth, and they are still coming, for they are still being murdered. I saw individuals all across time and place and cultures and races. All have been murdered. It is a vast, vast gathering.

Then I saw the Father, dressed in the same white garb as they, walking towards them. I knew in the Spirit that Jesus was in the Father, just as He has expressed before, that Jesus is His heart. There were two huge angel servants on either side of the Father. They were not Gabriel and Michael, they were servants of the Father who stay with Him, who serve Him with love. In the hands of each of the two angels was an immense stone bowl. I knew that the two bowls were made of stone because I saw them glittering like granite with quartz crystal. As the Father and the two angels with the bowls neared the gathering of the murdered, it parted to let the Father pass.

The Father and the angels reached the head of those gathered and turned to face them.

There were the murdered, silent, looking at the Father, and there was the Father looking back at them. He took His right hand and reached into the bowl of the angel on His left and then He stretched His arm back behind Himself, then swept His hand over all in the company of the murdered, and sprinkled them with the substance from the first bowl. He did the same with the bowl that was held by the angel to the right of Him.

I saw what was in the bowls.

In the first bowl was the blood of Jesus. In the second bowl was the water in which Jesus was baptized.

As I saw this most moving sight, I wept to see how many there are that have suffered murder. And yet I rejoiced to see them freed by the Father, who counted Himself among them. His own heart was murdered on the cross. Thank You, Father, for showing us your Heart in this time of Easter, a time to remember that all life passes through death into Your Presence, because of Jesus who gave Himself freely to be murdered, and to rise from death, to make the way for all of us to come to You.

In Jesus' mighty Name,

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
April 15, 2006