Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jesus in the Throne Room

I saw Jesus today in the throne room. He was seated on the throne. I started to wait on Him to see what He wanted to show about being in the throne room. A little later I saw that there was a meeting in the throne room. Present were angels and the 24 elders and others. It seemed to be a meeting about coming events. At one point, I heard the Father say, "the United States". I don't know what was said, but in the plans about the world, the Father was commenting about the United States. I know we can trust Him, even in the tumultuous days ahead.

While I was waiting on Jesus, after I saw Him the first time, and before I saw the meeting, I had a Bible nearby so I opened it for a moment. It opened to Revelation 4. The words seemed to leap off the page to me, and I read chapters 4-7. The Apostle John says in Chapter Four: "At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it." That is exactly how it seemed to me. I was in the Spirit and by the Holy Spirit I could see, and I could understand what He wanted to show to me.

Chapters four and five describe the scene in the throne room. John wept because no one was worthy to open the seals to a scroll. However, an angel comforts him and tells him that Jesus is worthy and he sees Jesus as a victorious sacrificial lamb in the middle of the throne. So, the Lamb (Jesus, our Friend) opens the seals. The first one and second one were familiar to me because the Holy Spirit has commented to me about them in the past.

The opening of the first seal reveals a rider on a white horse who is given a bow and a crown and he rides out as a conqueror. I remember when the Holy Spirit first showed me, several years ago, that this conqueror was communism, socialism, liberalism... an ism from the enemy. At the time we were puzzled over this, but now we can see how true this was and it is basically accomplished. The rider is victorious and America is the latest to fall into the hands of those who have been deceived by Satan's isms.

The second seal reveals a rider on a Red Horse who has power to take peace from the earth. He was given a large sword. Again, this one has been accomplished. There was World War on earth, from Iraq to Afghanistan, in the war on terror, plus various nations have had outbreaks of violence through warfare.

So, my eyes were drawn to the third peril, the opening of the third seal. This rider holds a pair of scales in his hands. Is it now time for the world to face the downfall of its economic foundations, as the seal foretells? Has this seal been opened? If so, the next will follow in line: and sickness and death will follow behind economic disaster. Was the meeting in the throne room of God about the next seal being opened and the consequences to the earth? What will happen to the United States? The Father has us in mind.

In the fifth seal, we see the suffering of believers, as persecution comes to them and they leave this earth to stand before the Father, the Creator of all. He is the Great Comforter and tears will be wiped from their eyes and the Lamb on the Throne, our Friend Jesus, will personally lead them to green fields and living water. They are safe and to be envied. Life is eternal and they have crossed over. But what is coming to the earth now? May everyone who reads these words ask Jesus to show them what they should do, from this day forward. Let us continue to stand for freedom, and for the love of our great God.