Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sending out pictures of Jesus

In the next few days we are sending out all the requests for pictures that have accumulated from phone calls and letters and via email recently. Yesterday we mailed 33 packages. Over the weekend the Father spoke of "Weekend of Resurrection" and I see by the Holy Spirit that mailing the pictures out now is a part of this. Lives are being changed and miracles are happening by the presence of the Holy Spirit who accompanies each picture. Maria said it first, when she said she felt as though she had been resurrected after we prayed for her about her cancer and we see the same is true of many lives. What great power our God has and how glad He is to honor His Son by helping us and healing us. Truly, by His stripes we are healed. Thank you, Jesus. What a noble and beautiful sacrifice You made for us. These healings are wonderful but even they are connected to what happens in our mortal bodies and therefore they are temporary. The greatest result of the pictures of Jesus is the one that lasts into eternity as people come to know their Creator. "Jesus smiled at me", they tell us, and others hear Jesus speaking to them for the first time. And what joy to come to know Him! No one is as kind as Jesus. No one is as wise as Jesus, and no one understands us or cares about our problems as deeply as He. Silvana was saying the other day that "for the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the cross", and that the joy set before Him is us and the relationship He develops with each of us. Not only does He care about us and participate with us in looking to the good of ourselves and our friends and families as we pray for them, but He shares with us what is on His heart as He looks across the world and into the spiritual realm. This is a Friend indeed, one who shares the burden that He carries.

For us to look and see the pain and grief and sufferings of the world by the Holy Spirit and to take this to the Father, and to stand against the evil one with his plans and wicked deeds is balm to the heart of the Father, who cares so deeply for all. Naturally, we all want God for our Friend, but He really rejoices when we act as His friend, and we participate in what He cares about. I remember how the Father shared with Abraham what was on His heart about Sodom and Gomorrah and how Abraham entered into the situation with his own concerns and prayers, and then the Father listened and acted accordingly. We often see the same thing happening now. The Father, or the Holy Spirit, will bring up a situation or a location on earth and then we will seek Him with concern about the people involved. This is how we started with Rwanda. He brought to our attention the great tragedy that occurred there and we started to seek Him on their behalf and then he opened doors to send the pictures of Jesus there, and now OJP has a representative right there in Rwanda who gives the pictures out and who sends us testimonies of the power of the pictures among the people there. What suffering there is all across the world, continually occupying the attention of the Father. Besides my own reIationship with Him, I have the honor and the privilege of living with a prophet of the Father, who constantly brings out things that are on His heart so I see how loving He truly is and how deep is the care in His heart for mankind.

Some of the requests we are sending thia week are going places where we are delighted to have the pictures go. For instance, there is a librarian in a jail in Virginia who wants to give picture to the inmates and who wants to show them THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. There is a person in charge of a nursing home in North Carolina who wants to give them to the people there. Another package is going to a vet in Kentucky who leaves them out for her customers. (We always get lots of calls from her customers for more pictures since she has been doing this for some time.) In the mailings this week, there are pictures going to people in Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Cuba, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Uganda, Rwanda, Ukraine, Pakistan, Canada, Vanuatu (which I had to look up on the map - it is among a set of islands between Hawaii and Australia) and of course all over the USA. The majority of the overseas requests are from Ghana. Also, our dear Brother Joseph, who is in Ghana now, has been earnestly asking for more pictures of Jesus for some time now because they are quite low and they get many requests for pictures. We will send him a box with 5000 pictures of Jesus and I know he and the believers with him will gladly help us with the stringing. Join us in praying for the Holy Spirit to move in Ghana.