Monday, April 09, 2007

Resurrection Weekend

"Resurrection weekend" said the Father last week. Jesus rose from the dead on Easter and the Father is moving so powerfully that many lives are being changed so dramatically that it is as though the person has been resurrected. Many have been healed, others have been helped.

On Good Friday we went to town to pick up the 8x10 pictures of Jesus that we had printed and while in town we went to a yard sale when the Father suddenly told us to go down a certain street. What a joyous day. We had ordered 4000 of the larger pictures, but we ended up receiving 7000! Our printers, Discount Printing, did a wonderful job and the pictures came out as cyrstal clear and lovely as can be. Thank you, Mark and Natasha!

We also went to a yard sale. There we met Mabel, who sold us some beautiful clothes for Beathy and others in Rwanda for a very inexpensive price. We told Mabel about Jesus healing Maria recently from cancer (who went dancing the other night! We could dance with joy ourselves over this good news) where even one of her bones which had deteriorated, mysteriously re-grew. and Mabel rejoiced with us and then told us her own testimony about what Jesus has done for her. Mabel was run over by a car some years ago, which ended up dragging her 300 feet. She had many injuries from this accident and skin on her legs had been rubbed off and one leg turned white from the trauma to it. While in the hospital she developed gangrene in the leg and was told by her doctor that she would have to have one of her legs amputated the next day. She told her doctor, "No, my Doctor is going to come and fix me up." He replied, "I am your doctor". She said, "You may be my doctor in the natural realm but I have a Doctor in the higher realm and He is going to come and help me." She said that all night she cried out to Jesus, saying, "Please come and help me and please back up what I am saying of you". She told us that the nurses came in every 15 minutes to check on her because of her serious condition. Finally, at about three o'clock in the morning, she was dozing and she woke up when a nurse in her room screamed. She woke up to hear the nurse saying, "Mabel, look at your leg!" She looked down and both of her legs were the same color and both were healthy. She said, "I told you my Doctor was going to fix me up."

While Mabel was telling us the details of the accident she got called away for a moment. While she was gone for that brief moment, I saw angels who were recounting the same story to one another. Then, the angels started to jump up and down with joy and I heard them say, "And then Jesus did ..." I couldn't make out what they were saying that Jesus had done but it was clear that it was a miracle. Mabel came back to resume her story and I told her what the angels were saying and she said, "Yes, that is exactly what happened" and went on to tell us about the healing.